Is Hair Transplant Safe? Side effects of Hair Transplant

Is Hair Transplant Safe? Side effects of Hair Transplant 1

Irregular sleep patterns, unhealthy lifestyle, stress and late night shifts at work, along with poor water and air quality has led to an earlier onset of loss of hair in men. According to doctors, 90% of the hair transplant customers these days are males in the 25-25 age group who have noticeable hair loss. The youngsters do not sleep or eat well and the pollution along with other environmental factors causes extreme hair fall. Men are apparently more prone to baldness because it is caused by the male hormone called dihydrotestosterone.

Hair fall does not have to be permanent now. With methods like hair transplantation available, permanent hair fall can be reversed. Even though that can put a lot of people at ease, it is essential to remember that there is no medical procedure which comes without any risks. It is important that you do your research and talks with a professional before rushing for the treatment.

So is hair transplant safe?

Side effects of hair transplant

Hair transplants are safe procedures with just some side effects. The common side effects include minor discomfort, swelling, itching, numbness and local inflammation. Nonetheless, they are not severe and are temporary. It is very rare that a patient could experience shock loss, however, it is temporary and the hair grows back in about 3 to 6 months. Bad design of the new hairline can be a risk factor, but it is easily avertible with a professional, experienced surgeon, good communication with him/her and supporting staff.

What you can expect from hair transplantation

  • Your own hair is transplanted in the hair transplants, the regrown hair completely stimulates the aboriginal hair in colour, texture, calibre and curl.
  • The transplanted hair can be normally maintained. It does not require any kind of medical help or special shampoos and oils. The hair looks natural and will last for a lifetime.
  • For every two to six years, temporary falling of the shafts with impromptu regrowth seen after some interval.
  • The hair loss breakthrough is under the control of the genetic influence and it is an aggressive and vital phenomenon. Hence, for the present hair in young age people, medical treatment is also recommended.
  • The no. of sessions depends on the availability of the donor area and the grade of baldness.

Hair replacement is not a good option for:

  • People who do not have enough ‘donor’ hair sites from where the removal hair can be done for transplant.
  • Women who have wide-spread pattern of the hair loss throughout their scalp
  • People who form keloid scars after the surgery or injury.
  • People whose loss of hair is because of medication such as chemotherapy.

Side effects of hair transplantation- the surgery

Even though hair transplant surgery is quite an easy method, there are some side effects or complications which can occur for preparing yourself in advance. Given below is a list of some:

1.     Thinning

This is one normal post-operative condition and you gain back the hair within a few months after the surgery.

2.     Bleeding

One side effect of the hair transplantation can include some bleeding.

3.     Pain

There’s actually very less pain involved in the surgery.

4.     Itching

It’s not unusual or prodigious for itching to happen in the areas affected by the surgery.

5.     Swelling

Just about everyone who’s had this surgery has experienced some swelling in the forehead and also around their eyes.

6.     Numbness

Another common side effect of this surgery is numbness. The patients generally report the feeling of numbness for some weeks after the surgery which is temporary.

7.     Hiccups

Yeah, that’s right. Amazingly, one of the side effects of hair transplantation is having a case of hiccups after the procedure.



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