Just getting into makeup? Guide for beginners

Just getting into makeup? Guide for beginners 1

You have just turned 17 and are going to the school ball. Usually your mother gets you ready but today you want to show the world that you are now an adult and want to do everything by yourself. More over you want that handsome young man who is going to escort you to the ball to appreciate your efforts rather than someone else’s, even though she is your mother.

First, I will show you what are the essential requirements for perfect makeup.

  1. Concealer – is used to cover up thinks like dark circles under the eyes and blemishes.
  2. Powder- Is essential to ensure your makeup lasts for a long time; in short it locks your makeup.
  3. Blush – If used and applied correctly, it adds life to your face. It is always a good idea to use a blush that blends in with your skin colour
  4. Brow pencil – Your entire look can be changed with the way you use the brow pencil. It is therefore important to keep your brows looking neat and groomed.
  5. Neutral Eye shadow palette – This is the first and basic thing that every makeup beginner needs in their vanity bag.
  6. Eyeliner Pencil – Intensify your look and make your eyes pop with the use of an eyeliner pencil. Black pencils give your eyes a smoky look, brown is ideal for everyday use whilst a nude one opens up your eyes.
  7. Mascara – Mascara gives your lashes a look that you cannot imagine. It is a must have essential in your vanity bag.

So where do you begin? Here I give you tips that will absolutely bawl your man over.

  1. Use good quality makeup. This will last you the entire evening and will not damage your skin.
  2. Start with the base. Cover blemishes and scars with a concealer. Use foundation if you want a long lasting and flawless base. Use a foundation that matches your skin tone.
  3. Decide on whether you want to use powder or pencil. Powder will give a softer look whilst pencil gives an intense one.
  4. Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes.
  5. One you have curled your lashes, apply mascara. Make sure you use the best mascara for your eyes. Thick brushes give more volume while thin brushes give more length.
  6. Go for an eye shadow that is nude in colour and has a mate finish. Apply it all the way to the socket. You can either use a brush if you have one, or your fingers will do the job just fine.
  7. Line the upper lashes with a darker shade using an angle brush. For best effects just follow the lines of your lashes.
  8. Using a brush or your fingers, apply a crème blush. Whilst applying, smile first then apply the blush on the apples of your cheek, and blend.
  9. You can also use a tinted lip balm or lipstick that matches your natural lip colour.
  10. If you want your makeup to last long, then apply powder. Use a translucent powder for a natural look. It also works on all skin tones.
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