Do you know the cause of armpit lumps and how to cure them?

Do you know the cause of armpit lumps and how to cure them? 1

Armpit lumps are a very common condition in most of the humans found after that of 40 to 55 years. It is common to be seen in both the sexes and occurs because of the lymph node present in the armpits. At first, it appears to be a general swelling and many of the individuals think of it as swelling causes due to uneven sleep or muscle pull. It does not produce any sensations of pain, itching, redness or any other indication.  Fortunately, there are many treatments for the armpit Lumps which a doctor may exercise depending upon the plausible causes.

Causes of armpit lumps

There are no predefined reasons for armpit lumps as many potential reasons can point for it. Most armpit lumps are harmless as it results from abnormal tissue growth.  The correct diagnosis of armpit lumps can reveal many underlying health issues.  Some of the most common causes of armpit lumps are  :

  1. The fibrous tissue growth under the muscles. This type of tissue growth results from the multiplication of skin cells.
  2. Formation of cysts under the sacs.
  3. Excessive use of beauty products like deodorants, antiperspirant, soaps used for curing body odour.
  4. Viral and bacterial infection because of sweat can lead to swelling of armpits or small lumps.
  5. Accumulation of body fat due to poor eating habits and obesity.
  6. Side-effects due to vaccinations.
  7. Fungal infections due to lack of cleanliness.


The symptom of the armpit lump is the visible change in the size of the armpit with a gradual increase in the size with time. The lump can remain dormant for a longer period without causing any harm or serious effect. This property of the lump makes it’s harmful as people do not tend to notice it. The longer duration results in the growth of tissue being unchecked and can cause the formation of cysts or fungal infection being spread from the armpits to other body parts.

The other type of lump is that which is caused by the viral and bacterial infection. This type of lump causes pain and the increasing growth of the infection leads to visual changes which grab the attention of the patient soon. Lymph node infection causes the swelling in the armpit and the mucus develops in the lump. This increases the size of the lump and makes it sore. Even a gentle touch on the arm causes immense pain and can lead to the eruption of the mucus from the arm. The serious symptoms of the armpit lump can indicate:

  1. Leukaemia
  2. Breast cancer
  3. Lymphoma

Armpit lumps can occur in both men and women as this condition is common in both sexes but the condition becomes more serious in case of women because it can be clear-cut indication of breast cancer. Breast cancer in women has been an increasing in women. Thus women are advised to compare their breast at regular intervals.

How to tell if an armpit lump is serious?

Any type of change in the body causes you to think about it continuously. However not all armpit lumps are dangerous yet you have to look after them.  Some of the armpit lumps can indicate to some serious problems which can be diagnosed with the proper medical examination. Warning signs such as enlargement with time, experiencing  acute pain and not curing in the small interval can indicate a serious problem.

Treatment of armpit lumps

Many people have armpit lumps that do not require a formal treatment by an experienced doctor. It can occur many times that the doctor may first advice you to monitor any change in the armpit first by yourself. Many times the armpit lumps are treated by itself. Our body continuously works and prepare antibodies and white blood cells which repair it.

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