Do you know drinking too much of water can be bad for you?

Do you know drinking too much of water can be bad for you? 1

Excess of anything can be bad- you must have heard this all your life, but do you really know that the same holds true even for water? You must have seen people advising you to drink 8 glasses of water only a daily basis. Water is an important component of the proper diet, but balancing out the diet is required for the healthy living of the individuals.

Hydration is indeed required for the healthy living, but the moment it exceeds its required limits, it is capable of making people feel sick. Wish to know how?

We tell you how the over-consumption of water can over stress your body. Here are the side effects of drinking too much of water:

  • Hyponatremia

The quantum of sodium present in the blood is responsible for controlling the functioning of the electrolytes. When an individual consumes too much of water, the level of sodium decreases considerably in the blood, which hampers the function of the electrolytes of sending the signals to the cells of the body. This condition is called hyponatremia whose symptoms includes nausea, fatigue, vomiting and excessive urination.

  • Hinders the body’s ability to get rid of the waste

The more you drink water, the more you urinate; suggesting that you are getting rid of the waste of the body. But do you know that excessive urination leads to overworking of your kidneys for stabilizing the system? Also, when an individual drinks too much of water quickly, then it leads to dilution of the blood, which leads to disruption of the filtration process of the kidneys.

  • Increase in the volume of the blood

Ingesting excessive water can unnecessarily lead to an increase in the volume of the blood in the body. Since, the blood volume co-exists in the closed system of the circulatory system, this increase in the blood volume puts pressure on the blood vessels as well as the heart.

  • Swelling of the cells

Due to the excessive quantities of water in the body, the blood gets dilute which in turn lowers the concentration of electrolytes in the blood. The concentration of the electrolytes in the cells become more than that of the blood and to strike the balance, the water starts flowing into the cells, which results in the swelling of the cells which can turn fatal in the long run.

  • Stomach irritation

Due to an imbalance of electrolytes that results because of intake of excessive water, the individuals start feeling a strange kind of irritation in the stomach, which also happens to be the initial stage of hyponatremia.

  • Brain Edema

This condition is the swelling that develops in the brain cells, which is quite hazardous. Due to the presence of excessive water, the cell expands and the same holds true even for the brain cells, but the skull leaves no space for the brain cells to swell. This can lead to serious conditions such as coma, respiratory attach and brainstem herniation.

  • Liver Problems

Drinking water is not indeed a problem. The water has the presence of iron in it. The overload of iron in the body is not totally detrimental to the health, but it can act as an agent for a number of liver-related health problems and diseases.

So, by now, you must have understood the importance of setting a limit in your life. Everything has certain advantages as well as disadvantages. So, to make sure that only the advantages accrue to you, it is important to take everything in limits. Drink water, but don’t drink excessive water! Because excess of anything is bad and it turns fatal when we talk about water!

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