Learning About The Causes And Consequences Of Obesity In Men

Learning About The Causes And Consequences Of Obesity In Men 1

Until recently, it was quite uncommon for men to give a second thought to their weight. In fact, even today, most men consider that looking slim and fit is something that women are supposed to focus on. However, this trend is gradually changing with an increasing number of men paying attention to maintaining their weight well within the acceptable limits. Over the past decade or so, the growing awareness about obesity related health problems has led most men to not only gain information about the causes of obesity but also its short and long term health effects.

Listed below are some lesser known causes that lead to weight gain in men.

  • Sleeping disorders are a major cause of weight gain in men. Getting too little sleep tends to increase the risk of obesity by a significant margin.
  • Pollution is known impact hormones that control body weight and men who tend to be regularly exposed to polluted environments are more prone to becoming obese.
  • Constantly living in air conditioned environments can also enhance weight gain tendencies as the individuals do not tend to burn fat and get rid of it in the form of sweat.
  • Some drugs such as the ones used for birth control, steroid hormones, diabetes, some antidepressants, and blood pressure drugs can lead to weight gain.
  • Hereditary has also emerged as one of the prominent causes for weight gain amongst men. People, who come from a family of obese individuals, generally tend to gain weight even after regular workout and proper diet.
  • Stress is another major cause of obesity, which is why men living under stressful conditions tend to gain weight faster than those living in relaxed environments.

Just the knowledge of the above mentioned reasons for obesity is not enough to prevent this problem. As such most men also gain information about the health risks associated with this problem as mentioned below.

  • Obesity is a major cause of cardiovascular diseases and leads to high blood pressure and type II diabetes.
  • It can lead to development of gallbladder and liver problems that can in turn cause major health risks for individuals.
  • It can disrupt the normal functioning of individuals as their heavy bodies prevent them to perform simple tasks like climb stairs easily, run or walk at a fast pace or even move around in a smart manner.
  • Obesity often leads to lethargy and fatigue and makes individuals stick to their comfort zone and thus lose any opportunities of personal and professional growth.
  • Obese men run a higher risk of getting cancer and other ailments including gout, arthritis and even Alzheimer’s disease in individuals besides reducing their endurance and strength power.
  • Apart from the physical consequences, obesity is also known to affect individuals in a psychological manner. They tend to lose confidence and will power and even become doubtful of their decisions leading to constant stress and irritation.
  • The most visible impact of obesity is seen in the appearance of the individuals who no longer seem smart or energetic. This also tends to drive people away from them and make them feel lonely.
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