Let Your Heels Smile with These Nifty Tips

Let Your Heels Smile with These Nifty Tips 1

We love winters. But they come with a bit of discomfort. A cold cough dry skin cracked heels and more. No matter how well we dress up but if those cracks in the heels are visible enough, the whole look can go for a toss.

All these problems have a natural cure which is home/natural remedies. Let’s have a look at cracked heels the causes and the ways to cure them.

Cracked heels can be painful if the cracks are excessive and deep.  The worst cracked heels can even bleed. If this is the condition, a good dermatologist is recommended. Cracked heels can be a result of lack of attention towards our feet. Less water intake. No exfoliation and excessive dryness caused due to cold temperatures. The cold windy air has a harsh effect on our body. It causes the body cells to become dry and damaged. We need a lot of moisturization,  majorly in winters.

Here are a few tips that can be really helpful to heal those cracked heels and turn them into smiling ones:

1.Parrafin wax

Parrafin wax is easily available at supermarkets. Take a few blocks of paraffin and place it on the stove to melt. Once the wax melts take it out and soak the affected area in lukewarm wax. Wait until it dries and forms a thin layer on the area.Dip the feet again and form another layer again.Let it cool.Keep the layers on your feet for 15-20 minutes and then wipe it off with a clean cloth.Cover up the feet with cotton socks. Doing this twice a week can heal immensely damaged heels.

2.Glycerin and lemon

This is another easy method to cure dry and cracked heels.Take a few drops of glycerine add some rose water and half lemon. Apply this mixture after cleaning the feet and leave it overnight. This will give you visible result in just a few days.

3.Foot soak

This is probably the easiest way to cure cracked foot/heels.Take half a tub of warm to lukewarm water.Add some salt to it with a few drops of conditioner. Soak your feet in this water for 30 minutes. Dry the feet with a towel and give a gentle massage with a thick moisturizer.Repeating this 3 times a week can give you wonderful results.

4.Shea butter

This is rich in moisture and is proved to heal dry and damaged skin. A simple massage with shea butter and then leaving it overnight repairs and regenerates the damaged cells.


Applying a thick layer on the cracked heels and massaging for 15 minutes daily boosts the blood circulation and helps in the healing process.

6.Vaseline jelly

Simple and easy.Vaseline petroleum jelly, when applied daily before going to bed, gives you smiling heels in a short period of time.


Exfoliation is an essential. Applying multiple things and not removing the dead cells will do no good. Therefore, it is important that we remove that useless and dead skin so that the moisture and cure can reach the right cells and the affected can be healed.

8.Sugar and honey

Mix some sugar and honey. Add some lemon to it and make it a paste. Scrub your feet nicely with this mixture.This helps in removing the waste skin cells and also helps to fight the infection that the heels might catch due the exposure to dust.


Take some fresh neem leaves crush them to a fine paste.Now add some turmeric and apply this mixture to the heels. Neem is well known for it antibacterial properties.Hence it kills all the bacteria and cures heels naturally with its natural goodness.

10.Olive oil

Warm olive oil and massage the feet for 20 minutes. Cover up with socks and leave overnight. Doing this every night will not let winters spoil your feet.

All these remedies and very simple and easy.This winter lets take good care of our heels and step out with style.

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