Link Between Obesity and Developmental Delays In Children

Link Between Obesity and Developmental Delays In Children 1

Your obesity can be a risk for your kids!

According to a recent study, Kids of obese parents can be at risk for the development delays. The government researchers evaluated about five thousand kids from the time that they were 4 months old to their 3rd birthday. The researchers of this study found that the children of obese moms were more expected to fail the tests for fine motor skills- the ability of controlling the movement of small muscles, like those in the hands and the fingers. The children of the obese fathers were more expected to fail the measures of social competence. The ones born to extremely obese parents also were quite likely to fail the teste of the problem solving ability.

Weight of the parents and its effect on the development of the child

There are no concrete evidences of proofs about the effects of the parent’s obesity on the children yet. However, the animal studies do suggest that the obesity at the time of the pregnancy can promote inflammation – which can- in turn has an impact on the brain of the fetus. The study also suggests a possible impact of the obesity on the gene expression in sperm.

The survey conducted put the children and the mothers through a series of activities which are used as screening for the disabilities. The screenings were done 7 times over the time period of 3 years and the weights of both the parents and the children were recorded. The researchers found that the kids of the obese mothers were about 70% more likely to fail the test for fine motor skills by the age of 3 compared to the kids of the normal weight mums. The kids of the obese dads were 75% more likely to fail the test which was indicative of how well they interact and relate with each other. The kids whose both the parents were obese were almost thrice the times likely for failing the test on solving skills.

Pinpointing the progress

The researchers used the data from the ongoing study which follows more than 6 thousand children born in the New York state. It focuses on tracking the growth, the social and motor development of the kinds and its relation with the infertility treatments, rising maternal age, obesity and pregnancy complications. The parents are asked to regularly complete the questionnaires give to them for their children. The questionnaire is basically a screening tool which indicated whether the child is on track for the behaviors appropriate to her/his age. This tool was designed for pinpointing the development progress and catching the delays in the children up -to the age of 6.

The authors of this study are not really sure why this happens. The past research suggests that obesity can alter the genes passed through your stout swimmers. The studies also show that the prenatal obesity can cause inflammation which affects the brain of the fetus. Whatever be the reason, the essential takeaway is that the relation between obese parents and the delayed kids have been confirmed. However, you can work it out.

As for a potential why, researchers believe that the obesity can set off some changes before or at the time of the pregnancy. In mothers, the additional weight might promote in the inflammation, which affects the brain of the fetus. As far as the fathers are concerned, obesity can change the genes in the sperms. Even though there is so much yet to be learned, the researchers and the authors hope that their studies can help the physicians right away. Because more than 1/3rd of the adults in America are obese, doctors can take the weight of the parents into account while screening for the potential problems in the development.


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