Look after your vagina and it will look after you

God has given all of us unique bodies and the wonders of nature are such that even if we do not do anything with any body part, we will still be beautiful. But vanity and the need to look perfect all the time has got us, especially women, to do all sorts of things to ourselves , and we end up hurting ourselves and maybe even destroying what we already had.

Here I am going to talk about one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body. It is hidden away in the remote accesses of our bodies but we still end up doing things to it that we really should not.  Let us look at some of the things that are taboo down there.


Some women have a tendency to “drink” through their vagina. I kid you not. Women soak tampons in vodka, gin or any other alcohol drink and insert the tampon into their vagina. You might get an instant kick out of this, but the long term effects are dangerous. Alcohol destroys the tender skin in and around the vagina and can cause damage to the mucous glands too. You may end up with alcohol poisoning too.


What woman doesn’t like a man to give her the ultimate pleasure by going down there with his tongue? Many women, just to spice up things smear themselves with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. You might get the biggest come in history but if these things are not washed away properly, they will become a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria.


It’s all good steaming your face to clear up the pores and give you a good complexion. But steaming your vagina? It is a big no. The steaming process has no effect whatsoever down there. Not only that the steam goes into your uterus and that is not healthy.


Ouch. A painful process anyway, but imagine the agony of you do it to your vagina? If it goes horribly wrong, think of the agony you will undergo and you may even have to say adios to sex.


Your vagina self cleanses itself. There is no need to give it that extra clean. Douching dries your vagina out and can increase the risk of infection too.


Vaseline, baby oils and other types of oils are used as lubricants. All these as well as any petroleum products can cause bacteria. These “lubricants” can also cause the latex in the condom to tear, leaving you vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.


The vagina maintains a stable pH balance. Washing the area with scented soaps and other chemically loaded products upsets the pH balance, creating a breeding place for all sorts of bacteria and subsequent infections. Avoid perfumed soaps, shower gels and perfumed wipes.

Look after your vagina and it will look after you, literally. Do not create an onsite breeding ground on yourself.

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