Lower body strengthening exercises with the flex band

Lower body strengthening exercises with the flex band 1

It’s a season of panic attack when you are busy with work schedules, high gym fees or season change problems leading to laziness issues. This gives a rise to drop your fitness plans. Well, for a heavy champ like me this is a very common reason to deny exercises saying, “I am busy with work”. So get over with excuses now and act, as it’s high time and health needs a little bit of attention too. They say, “Where there’s a will, there is a way”. Flex bands are one of the easiest ways to save time and exercise be it your home or office. So peep for some wonderful methods with such flex bands:-

  • Bend it like Bechkam!

Flex bands are easily to snug in your bags without any weight to feel with you. Just tie the band anywhere on the window or door and bend your back to feel the stretch. You can also go on with forward bending to push your tummy in! It not only helps you shape up but also avoid spinal problems.

  • Yoga is now easy

Yoga is one such exercise where we need to be really flexible with our body. Flex band can be used to do some postures of the glute bridge or raising your legs to 90® without much movement. It also helps you with maintaining a boat posture which is good for releasing stiffness.

  • Squat it up!

Using a flex band, squats are the best thing I love to do. It actually helps you to stretch your legs and thigh muscles which throw a shiver down your body to feel the blood rushing inside you. Some of it is also useful if you follow the donkey kicks method.

  • 10 steps left and right

Daily walks are sometimes too droning. Think about interesting ways to walk. Using the flex band, round your ankle, tightly tied, leads you towards a tough challenge to walk normally. Such an exercise helps you too release the ankle as well as foot muscles and avoid any sudden cramps.

  • Lunge effects

Kneeling down for prayers at a certain age is a problem. How do we heal it? Simple, just use the flex band in a way you do to kneel down. This helps your legs to expand and contract well towards the pressure applied while kneeling. Also, you can add a little of the hamstring curls to release the slight tension by lying down and just moving your legs.

Humans, we are, as such lazy species, time bound and at the same time we desire to be fit in some way or the other. So, if we have flex bands it is easy to just pull them out whenever you feel and begin your work out. They are available in ranges from being highly flexible to heavy strength ones. So, if we have options to reduce with the perfect shape, size and collection, then why not use it? To be honest, flex band is a onetime small investment with great benefits for the future.

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