Being a mother is an is totally different feeling. It brings various change in the emotional and physical level. Let’s see how?

Being a mother is an is totally different feeling. It brings various change in the emotional and physical level. Let’s see how? 1

The most lovable and respectable role of a woman is being a mother. When a girl becomes pregnant and goes from that transformation it is not only the hormonal or the metabolic changes that are taking place in the body but also a whole lot of emotional change takes place. When a girl is pregnant the metamorphosis of the changing into a women is started. When she delivers a child in this world then she is considered to be the life giving deity. All these things are not which has to be told by some biology teacher or a gynaecologist but long before even in the ancient civilizations the position of women was at par with god. This is because she is the only medium to carry forward our race and she bears the pain of labour. Be it religious scriptures or ancient texts the stories of great women and their motherhood are written everywhere.

Why sex after being mother is considered a taboo?

In most of the cultures, sex after being a mother or when the women has delivered a desired number of offspring then the sex life of hers is considered to be a taboo. People hesitate to talk about and it is expected that the need of physical intimacy by them has ended. It is expected from them to cater to the needs of their children, look after them, care them, teach them and fulfil all the household duties. The worst part is that these prejudices are sometimes made up te elderly ladies of the family and fills into the minds of the young mothers. The societal thinking about this fact is that if the attention of the mother is shifted from the well being of the child then, the child will not get proper nourishment. Sex tends to deviate the attention of young mothers from other duties. This motion is totally false and the right to have physical intimacy in a relationship is very important and basic criteria of any relationship.

Does being sexual make you bad?

What we tend to forget is that at the end of the day how much we can glorify the title but at last she is also a human being. A homo sapiens who has the basic needs to fulfil for herself. She also has to take rest, enjoy, eat, drink ,move out and have sex too. Yes it is perfectly fine to have a feeling or craving to have sex with your partner after being a mother. It is not an issue and no one can, on any basis may term you anything about it. Moreover it is the self moral conscience which has to be dealt with. If there was no problem in having sex with your partner before having kids then why you have a problem after having kids?

Focus on your relationship

It is very important to have a healthy relationship. It is always your partner who will stand by your side whenever there is any problem with you. Be it the moments of joy or the moments of grief you always tend to share your emotions with your partner. Thus a strong bond is needed to sustain the weight of such relationship. Also many a times it is even that the people who tend to loose intimacy in their partners, tend to loose the interest and which later on results in the acts of adultery. Many a times a couple is only in relationship to support the growth of their child and they are not personally interested in being with each other because they lack the intimacy which decreased after some time. There sex after being a mother is very important as it holds up both physical and emotional satisfaction.

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