Mustard Oil and Its Health Benefits

Mustard Oil and Its Health Benefits 1

There are a number of food sources which have always been debated over centuries as to whether or not they are harmful or helpful to the health of human beings- from dairy and eggs to caffeine and alcohol. You can also add mustard oil in this list. It is just oil, you must think. What is so special about it? Well, the mustard oil is not like any oil you use in the kitchen for cooking. It is really a superhero.

Cardiac health

Adding mustard oil to your diet can aid you in protecting you against heart diseases. Mustard oil is rich in mono-un-saturated fats and poly-un-saturated fats. Both these help in lowering the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol. It in turn improves the balance of cholesterol which helps in lowering the triglycerides – the blood fat levels. This, as a result prevents kidney disease, obesity and hyperthyroidism along with improving your heart health.


Massage with mustard oil can be very helpful for you in your joint pain and inflammation linked with arthritis. Wise Greek claims that the use of this oil for massage has a very long history and help in relieving stiffness and pain in your joints.

Protection against infection

Mustard oil consists of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. The internal as well external uses of mustard oil are said to aid in many ways for fighting against infections including the digestive tract infections.

Promotes growth of hair

If you believe that coconut oil is the only oil which is used for hair massage in India, you should travel to the eastern and the north India. You will find almost all the household swearing by the amazing properties of mustard oil for growth of hair. It is an age-old practice which is still followed. Mustard oil consists of beta- carotene which is ideal for hair growth when massaged in the scalp. It helps in activating the circulation of blood and the anti-bacterial properties of this oil helps in preventing scalp infections as well.

Warnings and risks

Unregulated, pure mustard oil can also be quite a dangerous stuff. For instance, according to a study, mixing the unadulterated mustard oil with the argemone oil- a combination which is sometimes found in the Indian food can destroy the RBCs in the body. Any mustard oil which is contaminated with argemone oil is not fit for human consumption. While using mustard essential oil, you should watch out for any kind of allergies. Test a little amount of this essential oil on your skin away from your lungs or face. Wait until 24 hours and see if you have any reaction before you apply in a larger amount. As with any essential oil, one must not use the mustard essential oil on the infants.

Lightening the skin and removing sun tan

For removing tanning, mix a tsp of mustard oil in 1 tsp of coconut oil. Use this mix for massaging your face in gentle circular motions for around 10 to 12 minutes. After this, wipe off your face with a wet tissue. You can see the difference just after one use. The regular application of this mix will aid your skin complexion become lighter by removing the tan.

Mustard oil can help in increasing your appetite. It helps in stimulating the gastric juices in your tummy. Hence, in case you are suffering from a loss in appetite, start cooking your food in mustard oil. Other health- benefits of mustard oil include reduces in the risk of cancer, cardiovascular benefits, effective mosquito repellent, cough and cold relief etc. Mustard oil has so much to offer in terms of inside health as well as glowing beauty. Try the oil out and see its benefits.


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