Natural Ways of Boosting Sexual Health

Natural Ways of Boosting Sexual Health 1

Do you want to spice up your sexual life? There are arrays of things you can do in your daily life which can aid boost your libido and improve and embellish your sex life.

1.     Eat certain fruits

There’s really not much proof of the effectiveness of certain foods, however, there is no harm in some experimenting. Avocados, bananas, figs, for instance are said to be libido-boosting fruits, commonly known as aphrodisiacs.

2.     Eat chocolate

All through the history, chocolate has been considered as a symbol of desire. Not only because of its pleasing taste, but also because it has the power to enhance the sexual pleasure.

3.     Take daily herbs

The next time you decide of going out for some romantic dinner, add some garlic or basil to the dish. The smell of the basil will stimulate the senses.

4.     Taking a tip from Africa

Yohimbine is an alkaloid which is found in the bark of the west-African evergreen. It is known to work as a natural Viagra. There are some studies which suggest that it can aid in maintaining an erection.

5.     Boost your inner strength 

The way that you feel about your own body impacts the way you feel about sexual pleasure. An unsound or an unhealthful diet and the lack of exercise can cause you to have a poor self-image.

6.     Only one glass wine

Two glasses of wine can in fact just be too much. Drinking only 1 glass of wine can put you at an ease and enhance your interest in becoming more intimate. However, too much of alcohol can just ruin your ability of performing by affecting your erectile function.

7.     Taking time for meditation and relieving stress

It doesn’t matter how healthy you are. If you are stressed out, it is going to have an impact on your sex drive. Women are especially susceptible to the stress effects on their sex life.

8.     Get enough sleep

The people who have a hectic life-style do not always have time to get enough sleep. Being busy can also make it a little hard to get time for sex.

9.     Keep the relationship in check

After an argument with your partner, there are chances that you are probably not in a mood for sex. For women, sensing the emotional closeness is essential for sexual intimacy.

Consult with your doctor

Even in case you are taking a natural approach for boosting your sex drive, it could still be a better idea to talk to your doctor. They can aid you in identifying the underlying issues.

What’s libido and why does it go away?

Libido can be defined as the overall sexual drive or the desire for sex in a person. Low libido in women and in men has some very much alike roots, along with some sex-specific ones too. For men, it is actually very normal to have an evenly decrease in the libido as he gets older. Every man is different. However, most men tend to have some upshot of sexual desire in their 60s and 70s. In case ageing is not at the root of the decrease in libido, a man may be experiencing a good amount of stress or depression. Other likely causes of low sex drive in men are side effects of medication, decrease in the male sex hormones because of sleep apnea or an endocrine disorder. Sleep apnea has been studied to have some effect on low testosterone level which can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Depression, relationship problems, prescription medications, drug abuse, alcoholism, or chronic diseases like diabetes can all be the root of low sex drive for both the sexes.


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