What Do You Need to Know About Diabetes and Exercise?

What Do You Need to Know About Diabetes and Exercise? 1

If you are a diabetic person, then it is very important for you to be physically active. If you are active, then your health will be taken care of and this will also help in the prevention of diabetes. While suffering from diabetes, it is very important to have the blood sugar in a particular range, and with exercise, that range can be maintained.

Insulin is the requirement of the body as it provides your body with the right amount of energy and also helps in maintaining the blood sugar level. If you exercise, then the insulin will start functioning even more and it will be absorbed into other cells of your body as well. This will provide your body with enough amount of energy. The usage of the glucose will be better here in case of muscles.

Importance of physical activity:

  • It is very important that your body uses glucose in the right way. It is because if that does not happen, the level of the blood glucose will become high and then you will suffer from diabetes.
  • It is equally important to start exercising so that you are able to maintain your weight. This will also help in keeping the level of blood glucose under control. Initially, you do not need to set a target when it comes to managing weight.
  • If you are able to manage even a little bit from your side, then half the job is done. You can surely manage diabetes and keep the fat also at bay.
  • Losing a few kilograms also makes a difference in your body and also your lifestyle.

What points to keep in mind before you start exercising?

  • It is very important to consult your doctor. If not a doctor, you can consult anyone who is a part of your health team. It could also be a nurse, dietician, as well. Whenever you are planning to start an exercise routine, it is very important to consult a doctor. There is a certain set of exercises that you should do and you should not do. Only your dietician will be able to tell you about this.
  • Planning is very important. You should plan your activity in advance. There should be a well drafted plan which tells about your day-to-day activities. Also, there should be a back- up plan which talks about things you can do when you are not well, or when there is a bad weather.
  • Find a partner. Exercising becomes fun when you have someone to exercise with you. It tends to get very boring when you are alone. It also boosts your level of confidence and you also become ready to take up more and more challenges. If you are able to find a partner, include your family in the same. This will keep their weight also in check along with yours.
  • Tracking your physical activity is very important. You should not just keep exercising. Results also matter. You should not down your blood sugar level and also your weight in your diary on day 1. And after a certain interval, say 15 days, you should check both so that you get an idea about your body.


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