No More Unhealthy Snacks: Try These Tasty Alternatives

No More Unhealthy Snacks: Try These Tasty Alternatives 1

Our lives are full of sugar and spices when it comes to food. Let’s be honest, it’s always junk food that drives the devil within us. From potato chips to chocolate chip cookies, all we see is a way to consume unhealthy snacks. We all get into exercises that help us remain strong. Should we always focus on burning the fat or reducing its intake? Did you know there are almost hundred ways to manage this intake via healthy snacks? Let’s see a few of them as mentioned below:-

  1. Follow the fruits

We have dozens of fruits that make us feel fresh and healthy when taken as a juice or in a combination called fruit bowl. Dried apricots and raisins are another way of getting the juicy feeling, especially for those with a sweet tooth. The more fruits we take the better appetite we build.

  1. Chocolaty ways

We all long to have a chocolate for a snack-break. Not necessary we always give into the high calorie ones. We can always opt for a nutritional protein bar or a sugar-free dark chocolate to avoid any extra sugar problems!

  1. Yogurt turns yummy

We all should make it a habit to have flavored yogurts. So instead of going the ice-creamy way, we can have popsicles, frozen yogurt or fruit smoothies which blend in a lot of vitamins and potassium for our body.

  1. Fast food craze!

Say a big no to the fast food that you see when you walk down that lane of yours. Go home, have some dry fruits, pita or kale chips and some dry popcorn. All these protein-loaded dry fruits will enrich your body with better muscle growth.

  1. Oats are healthy!

It turns out that Saffola has recently released a variety of flavored Oats as healthy snacks. In a way, good news for all those reducing weight, you have all your flavors from spicy mixes to Chinese. It gives you an extra-ordinary taste of all the cuisines.

  1. Cornflakes and Granola

Cornflakes with honey and almonds can be the healthiest snack dish for anyone from young to the old. Granola is much better than those cupcakes and muffins, as you can always choose your fruit content in it. But, mind you, be careful of your sugar intakes too!

  1. Bread for the family!

Quite often we end up having the white bread which actually ruins our systems due to the flour contents within it. So, why not take a leap towards the wheat and brown bread, which IS low in calories as well as tasty with anything on it from jam to jelly.

Life has its own twists and turns. We need to seek a path that leads to a life which is strong enough to avoid worthless cravings. Let’s march our steps towards health-friendly alternatives than jumping over those Oreo shakes and burgers at Mc Donald’s. Generally, we are not changing for people around us but it is for our body’s growth and development. So why invite trouble when you know how to handle it before hand? Let us look forward to live life in a delicious way.

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