Planning For a Holiday? Get That Beach Body in 21 Days

Planning For a Holiday? Get That Beach Body in 21 Days 1

Are you running short of time and do not know what to do to get that perfect beach body? Do not worry, we have a plan for you which will help you getting that perfect beach body in just two weeks. Yeah, it is just two weeks. You have to give us your two weeks and we promise you that “beach” body that you have been craving for. And let me tell, there are no crash diets that you will have to follow, just a regular routine and you are good to go. All these exercises will help in enhancing the metabolism of your body and also as they will be targeting the different muscles of your body, you will see a completely toned body of yours. If you want to see the change in you, you will have to challenge yourself at each and every step to get the best out of the workout.

  1. Upper body :

Stand straight. Your feet should be together. Slowly, start bending in the front. Take your arms along with you. When you do this, you will land yourself in a push up position. This is a very important position while doing this, you should make sure that your hands are aligned with your shoulders and the distance between your two arms is in balance. The distance has not been more and nor it has to be less. It is time to do one push up. Keep hands at the same distance and bring them to your feet and stand up now. This completes one cycle. You need to ten like these. So, start now. When you are doing this, make sure that your core is tight enough.

  1. Lateral bear crawl :

Get back into the push up position once again. Hands have to be outside your shoulders and your feet have to be together. Do one push up. When you are done, get your right hand closer to your left hand. Take your right foot also towards the right so that there is some distance between your feet. Do one push up here. This completes your one cycle. And do this at least ten times now.

  1. Mountain climber :

Once again you have to back to your push up position. Keep your core tight, your feet together and your hands at a distance from your shoulders. Bring your left knee forward and touch it with your right elbow. Go back to the push up position. Now bring your right knee forward and touch it with your left elbow. This completes your one cycle. Do this ten times and see the difference.

  1. Your core in focus now :

This time, the starting position changes. You will have to lie on your back. Legs have to point towards the ceiling and your body has to be straight now. Lift your left leg and face your sole towards the ceiling and at the same time your right arm also while your left arm has to be straightened out. Do it the other way now.

  1. Lunges :

Stand straight and your feet has to be together. Take out the left foot in front of the right foot and sit for a while. Do it while bringing your right foot forward in front of your left foot. Repeat ten times.

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