Protein Powder Supplements- Good Or Bad?

Protein Powder Supplements- Good Or Bad? 1

A great amount of essential nutrients can be obtained from protein powders. These are mainly the dietary supplements and are primarily consumed by the athletes, bodybuilders and dynamic people. Even the vegetarians and the vegans also consume these so as to get a good amount of protein without having to consume meat and other such animal- based products. Protein powder is quite useful according a lot of people. This is the reason these items are amazingly popular these days. However, there is dark side too to these supplements.

Celebs and protein supplements

You have all heard about the protein myths. The popularity of the nutritional supplements has become a lot more apparent in the present world. It’s not surprising to come across high level celebs and sports persons putting their faces and names to the branded protein snacks and shakes. This is a great evolution of the culture as a lot a people want to be and remain in good shape.

The commercial protein supplements contain whey, soy, casein, egg albumin, cow or goat milk, beef, wheat, pea, brown rice or hemp. The protein supplements can be in the isolate form which is a pure source of protein, in concentrate form, which are not as pure as the isolate ones, in hydrolysate form which are enzymatically or chemically digested ending in a product which is quickly absorbed, and in the form of blends, which is a combination of many different protein sources and the purity levels. There are many different forms for supplements like ready-to-drink shakes, bites, bars, gels, oats and powders and come in a great variety of different flavors.

Protein supplementation and its dark side

Whey protein supplements- whey protein powders to be more specific- are among the most famous and common supplements in the market these days. It is mostly because traditional wisdom suggests that an everyday protein shake or more is a good addition to an otherwise vigorous and athletic diet- especially for the ones who do the strength training on a regular basis.

It is most definitely correct that protein is needed for building muscles and also for a number of other essential body functions. Nonetheless, there’s a limit to how much of muscle growth can really occur, no matter how much protein intake is done. The first and foremost thing which needs to be remembered is that eating only protein is not going to increase the muscle. You need to use the muscles to build them.

Overuse of protein powder supplements is bad for the health. There are a great deal of unbalanced products which contain added sugars, preservatives, artificial flavors and other non-natural products which you most definitely don’t want to consume a lot. Also, protein products are not meant as a meal replacement. Hence, they are obviously deficient in the things such as phytonutrients and fiber- compounds which give a great amount of benefits and can be found in the whole foods.

Protein safety

The body requires proteins for functioning properly. However, it is probable to have too much of a good thing. You can dodge the negative effects by staying within the advised maximum intake range. Depending on the bodily requirements and weight control evidence, this is 25% of your everyday calories, or 2-2.5 grams/kilograms of body weight. This converts to 136-170 grams of protein per day for a person of 150 pound weight, from all the sources- supplements along with food.

Protein supplements are not mandatory or significant for meeting the daily protein requirements because protein is found in a plethora of healthy foods like poultry, lean meats, seafood, low-fat dairy foods, eggs, seeds, soy products, legumes and nuts. Protein supplements are usually costlier than protein-rich foods.

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