Protein Supplement – Do we need it?

Protein Supplement – Do we need it? 1

Proteins supplement are helping the fitness industry in making a lot of money. They bring in a huge amount of revenue to the fitness industry. Protein supplements have always been the talk of the town because of the image that they have maintained in the eyes of the people which is that they are used in building of the muscles. Some also say that they are used to lose weight. But, the questions that remain unanswered in both the cases is the need of protein supplements. Do you really need protein supplements? Are you sure that your body requires protein supplements?

Should I consume protein supplements?

  • We already know that our diet provides with enough of protein which is mostly in the form of dal.
  • But, at the same time, a lot of people feel that they do need an extra amount of protein so that they body functions properly.
  • The fact which is missed out here is that the amount of extra protein that you take is somehow not digested in your body.
  • It leads to a lot of problems in your body which can be as fatal as a kidney disorder.
  • Not only this, extra calories that you get from proteins are also stored in the form of fat in your body.
  • This protein supplement is mostly made up of chicken breast which is very easy to digest. You might be thinking that this is very effective and also it does great to your body, but let me tell you that this is not the case always.
  • There are a lot of different forms of protein that are present in your body, so it can easily interchange with those other forms of proteins and you will be easily deprived of the nutrition that you might have got.
  • Supplements are just supplements. They can just help the other nutrients in doing their job, but they can never do their job.

Should I change my eating habits?

  • According to a research, the daily intake of protein should be somewhere between 0.5 – 1.5 grams per pounds of body weight per day.
  • Also, if you are someone who lives a very sedentary lifestyle, then your requirement also decreases. And if you are someone who exercises a lot, then your intake will increase based on the requirement of your body.
  • Taking supplements is always not feasible. You should try and have something which is natural so that your body gets the best it can. Having something which is not natural can harm your body in the long run. You should take supplements only when you are not getting enough amount of protein from your diet.

What are the sources of protein?

  • When it comes to having natural protein, a whole lot of things are available for you.
  • There is a big misconception among people that only meat can give you protein. There are vegetables also that are a great source of protein.
  • One can have green vegetables which are a very good source of proteins.
  • Besides that, have tofu, beans, quinoa, and nuts.
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