Reasons why Eating Guava is Exceptionally Good for Health

Reasons why Eating Guava is Exceptionally Good for Health 1

I and my two daughters simply cannot wait for November to come. Why? Because that is the time of the year when guavas are in abundance for the next three months and we all pig on them like we have never seen them before. Ripe or unripe, red or white we eat them with relish. Be it with a bit of spices sprinkled on it or just plain, as a jam or juice or even as a pickle, we simply cannot get enough of the lovely fruit. There are lots of reasons to eat guavas apart from the fact that they taste great. Every fruit or vegetable invented by nature has certain beneficial properties for our bodies.  Here I will discuss why guavas are great to eat for our good health.

Red guava is exceptionally good for reducing age related skin issues like aging, wrinkles and sagging skin. Due to their high vitamin content, guavas have the ability to improve skin texture as well as lighten dark and brown spots.

Guavas are exceptionally rich in Vitamin C. They are in season at the perfect time of the year when the country is struggling with colds and flues. A perfect natural medicine to combat colds and viral infections.


Diabetics are very vary of what fruit they can and cannot eat. Well here is some good news for all diabetics and anyone who wants to prevent diabetes. Guavas are rich in fibre and have a low glycaemic index and therefore perfect for diabetics to consume.

Rich in Vitamin A, guavas are known to slow down the development of cataracts and prevent eyesight degradation. Guavas are known to prevent night blindness.

Guavas are rich in Vitamin B3 and B6, which help improve blood circulation to the brain and relax nerves.

Today our lives are full of stress. Eating guavas, with the aid of the magnesium they contain, help relieve that stress by relaxing your nerves and muscles.

Do away with all those laxatives when you suffer from constipation. Start eating guavas and see how your system gets back into its normal rhythm. Guavas are rich in fibre and quite filling too. They help the body in retaining water and clean your intestines and excretory system thoroughly. Start eating guavas to improve your bowel movement.

The thyroid gland is responsible for regulating hormones and organ system function.  Guavas, which are rich in copper, help in regulating thyroid metabolism by helping to control hormone production and absorption.

Here’s to all the women who are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant. Doctors usually advice you to start taking folic acid if you are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant. My advice is to start eating guavas, a natural source of folic acid or Vitamin B and iron.  They will help in baby’s nervous system and protect new born babies from neurological diseases.

Knowing what you know now, wait for the delicious fruit to come in season and start consuming them for a better and healthy you.

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