Reasons That Make Choice Of A Female Plastic Surgeon A Great Decision

Reasons That Make Choice Of A Female Plastic Surgeon A Great Decision 1

Females are often denied equal opportunities to excel in professions of their choice, primarily due to the conservative mindset of the people within that field. The trend is changing slowly but surely even in a male dominated field of plastic surgery. The profession, which at one time was considered to be totally male dominated, has now seen the growth of several female surgeons, such as Dr. Annamaria Kovacs, to the top ranks thanks to their sheer skill and hard work.

Growing Preference For Female Plastic Surgeons

The number of people opting for treatment by female plastic surgeons has increased considerably, despite the limited number of female professionals working in this field. This is quite different from the earlier perception that female surgeons are suitable only in case of gender specific procedures such as breast augmentation. However, now people going for facial and other cosmetic procedures also prefer women surgeons over men. This trend is attributed to the various benefits offered by female surgeons over their male counterparts.

Benefits Of Choosing Female Surgeons

Discussed below are some common benefits of choosing female plastic surgeons that have led to the growing popularity of women in this field.

female plastic surgeon dubai

Dr. Annamaria Kovacs / Specialist Plastic Surgeon / Cosme Surge, Dubai

Ability To Better Understand The Beauty Needs Of Patients: Many people feel that female surgeons are better able to understand their need for undergoing a specific cosmetic procedure. They believe that the lady doctors can relate to their need for looking beautiful at an emotional level and hence are less likely to consider their attempts as just vain or superficial. This helps the patients to communicate their expectations to the surgeon in a candid manner and trust their opinion about what is realistically achievable and what is not.

Ability To Communicate In A Compassionate Manner: Most females in general have a more compassionate attitude than the men and this is definitely one of the most desirable traits in a doctor. Female surgeons often tend to communicate with their patients in a warm and affable manner which boosts their confidence and helps strength the bond of trust between the doctor and the patient. The patients are likely to get detailed answers to even the simplest queries from a lady doctor and they often do not feel rushed or pressurized which ensures a greater sense of satisfaction.

Possess A Better Sense Of Aesthetics: It has often been observed that women in general have a better aesthetic sense, which enables them to be more precise in predicting final look of the patients after a procedure. They are able to utilize their natural skill in combination with their knowledge of surgery to create better results for the patients that are more in tandem with their expectations. The female surgeons have often proved to fulfill the expectations of the patients in a better manner as compared to that of male surgeons simply because of their better aesthetic sense.

Have Better Manners And Attitude: It is quite rare to find a female surgeon, who is rude or behaves in an arrogant manner with the patients. Rather, these professional ladies are often renowned for their impeachable manners and positive attitude. They do not shy away from communicating extensively with the patients if they feel that it can prove helpful for them in any manner.

Surgeons like Dr. Annamaria Kovacs, who are well known not only for their exceptional skills but also their high morals are definitely the best choice for patients. Such surgeons choose her patients on the basis of their genuine physical and psychological needs rather than to fulfill their beauty fantasies. The patients benefit from the extensive consultations with the surgeons in terms of setting realistic goals and learning the pros and cons of the procedure while helping the surgeons gain a better understanding of their psychology.

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