Regular Tea Drinkers Have Healthy Hearts

Regular Tea Drinkers Have Healthy Hearts 1

Tea and heart health

More people die from cardio-vascular diseases in Canada than by any other disease. According to a statistics, 74255 people died in Canada in the year 2003 from cardiovascular disease. According to the heart and stroke foundation, 54% of the cardio-vascular deaths are because of coronary artery disease. .21% is because of stroke, 16% is because of other kinds of heart diseases which include the issues with the heart’s electrical system, the heart muscle disease, and the viral heart infection s. the remaining 9% are because of the vascular issues like high BP and the hardening of arteries.

A latest research has found that the people who drink one cup of tea every day are 35% less likely to suffer from any cardio-vascular disease or heart attack as compared to the non-tea drinkers. And this is not all. The tea drinkers are also very less likely to have a convincing or a critical calcium-buildup in their coronary arteries- a factor which is highly linked with the heart disease and stroke.

For more than five thousand years now, many people and cultures all around the world have enjoyed drinking tea, which makes it the most- consumed beverage after water. Luckily, our tea- ancestors had the smartness of recognizing its value and the insight and prudence for continuing the tradition of enjoying it which we now know has many powerful health- benefits. Among these many famous benefits uncovered by the modern research is the one which claims that high consumption of tea can lead to a healthier heart.

Reduction of the calcium – buildup in the coronary arteries

Furthermore, the regular tea drinkers were found to be less likely to have excess calcium build-up in the coronary arteries of their heart. Researchers have always believed that deposits of calcium are related to serious cardio-vascular conditions- from stroke to many different heart diseases. People who said that they drank at least 1 cup of tea a day had lesser cardio-vascular problems than the ones who reported to never drink tea, as per one study.

Evidence for heart benefits of tea

Green or black, iced or hot, tea is gaining in popularity. A number of shopping malls and cities feature specialty tea shops and bottled –teas vies for the store shelves spaces. Tea is an amazing source of compounds called epicatechins and catechins, which are believed to be responsible for the beneficial health effects of tea. These compounds belong to one group of plant chemicals known as flavonoids. According to the research, flavonoids aid in quelling inflammation, and which results in reducing plaque buildup in the arteries. Green tea has a little higher amount of these chemicals as compared to the black tea. Both green and black teas also consist of modest amounts of caffeine which ranges between 20 and 45 mg per 8 ounce cup. This is almost half the amount of caffeine in the same amount of coffee.

Coffee may have a lot of varieties, but what real tea lacks in the variety, it makes up for the amazing health benefits it gives. Researchers ascribe the health properties of tea to polyphenols which is a kind of an anti-oxidant and phytochemicals. Even though most of the studies have aims on the better known black and green teas, oolong and white also bring a lot of health benefits to the table.

Tea helps in boosting the exercise endurance. Scientists have found that catechins in the green tea extract increase the ability of the body to burn fat like fuel- which accounts for enhanced muscle endurance. It helps in protecting against the degenerative and cardio-vascular disease.

The takeaway is that- at least, tea should be safe for consumption- only not in excess. Hence, brew up a batch of this amazing stuff cold or hot- and have fun!


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