Rev Up Your Sex Life by Eating Almonds

Rev Up Your Sex Life by Eating Almonds 1

A healthy sex drive depends on your diet. A healthy diet boosts your sexual libido no end. However there are some foods that are especially recommended to heating up things in the bedroom.  Foods such as oysters, chocolate, strawberries, watermelon, figs, eggs, tomatoes, avocado, broccoli and saffron are great for adding that sizzling “S” in sex. For those of us who are feeling that things are not hotting up as they should, need to take a closer look at their diet in order to get those hormones revved up and geared for action.

Almond is one such item that when consumed can really set you on fire and ready for some hot action in the bedroom.

Almonds are known as the king of nuts. They are rich in magnesium, protein and fibre as well as healthy fats and omega 3. They are not only beneficial for dealing with weight loss and lowering cholesterol but also for getting those bedroom hormones ready for action.

Your sex organs cannot function properly without blood flow.

Almonds also contain zinc, selenium, and vitamin E. The zinc helps enhance sexual desire and the rest of the nutrients and minerals are vital for sexual health and reproduction.  Selenium also tends to help with issues related to infertility.

Almonds are especially good as they contain an amino acid called arginine.  Arginine helps to relax blood vessels and circulation to increase sexual potency in men. It is said that the scent of almonds arouses women. So if you think your lady is playing hard to get rub some almond oil over your body and entice her back to your arms and in your bed.

Almonds are not only a sexual stimulant; they act as a fertility aid too. In the event you are trying to conceive and you think there might be issues, then start munching on almonds and see the consequences of these nuts in a few months’ time.

They are a good source of essential fatty acids which provide the raw material for sex hormones.

Men who have low testosterone levels can benefit from eating almonds. Men whose diet is rich in monounsaturated fats, like the kind found in almonds have the highest testosterone levels. Higher testosterone levels mean stronger sex drive and libido.

To increase sexual power, soak ten almonds in water. Paste the nuts and mix them with milk. You can add honey for flavor.  When drunk regularly every night, this concoction helps to increase sexual prowess.

This concoction is especially good for men who have passed the age of 30 as they are at risk of manufacturing less testosterone. The Vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, and calcium are especially important for testosterone production.

Almonds help in keeping up sexual performance, strength and that all important endurance in the bedroom.  If you have a hot lady in bed then she will want some hot sex too and you should be able to match her stamina. Eating almonds will help you match her zeal and stamina.

A healthy sex drive means a healthy relationship which in turn means a happy couple. Enhance your sex life by eating almonds every day. Get it hard and rocking for your woman.

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