Self-Medication – A Habit That Can Have Disastrous Health Effects

Self-Medication - A Habit That Can Have Disastrous Health Effects 1

It is not uncommon for people to pop a pill purchased over the counter to get relief from seemingly insignificant health issues. However, unknowingly for them, the habit might actually prove dangerous for the overall well being, even if it provides temporary relief form everyday problems. The most commonly used over the counter medicines, might be playing havoc with your system and establishing the base for the development of a serious ailment. So before you choose to pop one of those well-meaning pills without the advice of a medical professional, consider the following ways in which they might hamper your well being.

It Can Cause Liver Damage

Any drugs you take are first processed by the liver before being absorbed into the body. Thus when you consume random drugs, the liver has to work more for processing them and this can overload the organ resulting in damage. Some drugs might also release components that are not suitable for liver health itself and this can also cause irreparable harm to the organ. Being well aware of this fact enables the doctors to prescribe medicines that are likely to have zero negative effects on the liver. However, the same is not generally applicable for self-prescribed over the counter drugs, which is why taking them often might prove extremely dangerous.

It Can Cause Allergic Reactions

The risk of having an allergic reaction resulting from self-medication is extremely high. This is because you are generally aware of only the major salts that the medicine is composed of. However, the drug might include other components in extremely small quantities, which you might be allergic to. So when you consume such a medicine you can have a severe allergic reaction which will surely add to your discomfort. Depending on the level of allergy you suffer from, you might need special care and medication to treat it along with the problem for which you consumed the medicine in the first place.

You Might Suffer From Drug Overdose

When you opt for self-medication, you cannot be sure whether the amount of drug entering your body is equal to, less or more than what it requires. Taking a dosage, which is more than what the body requires, can have serious repercussions and even lead to organ damage. On the other hand, a lower dosage with prolong your suffering leading you to take more medicine, which can prove equally harmful. This is especially true if you are taking antibiotics that have not been prescribed by an expert medical professional. Even taking painkillers without proper medical guidance can have similar effects.

Can Lead To Harmful Drug Interactions

If you are taking any regular medicines, then self-medication can prove extremely harmful. This is because some medicines might not work well together and might have dangerous side-effects after interacting inside the body. Since you are likely to be unaware of how your regular medicine and self-prescribed medicine will react upon getting inside the body, you are exposing yourself to highly dangerous health problems. You can suffer anything ranging from allergies, indigestion to even stroke and going into shock. That is why it is advisable to avoid popping in any pill without first consulting your doctor, no matter how insignificant the problem might seem.

It Can Lead To Addition

There are numerous instances of people becoming addicted to medicines that they originally took to gain relief from a specific ailment. This risk is considerably higher with self-medication, where you are not aware of the right dosage and the maximum duration for which the medicine should be consumed. Most over the counter medicines for treating acidity, pains and even cough and cold can prove to be addictive. This can  become a major problem for not only your health but also your life in general.


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