Seven Fascinating Things About Female Orgasms

Seven Fascinating Things About Female Orgasms 1

A female orgasm is a very complicated affair; maybe as complicated as the female herself. Research says very few females actually climax during sexual intercourse and the partners don’t even realize this, leaving a very frustrated female population.  Orgasms are part of a woman’s life. That feeling of bliss, contentment, relaxation, and the intense pleasure is something that nothing can beat. A sexually satisfied woman is a very happy woman. To the men out there, here are a few things you need to know about female orgasms because that is what will keep you sane. There is nothing more dangerous than a sexually frustrated female.

1) Research shows that around 30% of the female population has difficulties in climaxing. Around 80% do not climax during sexual intercourse.  So what are the alternatives?  A woman can reach orgasm in four different ways; clitoral orgasm (Induced by stimulating the clitoris), vaginal orgasm (Induced through vaginal penetration or sexual intercourse), blended orgasm (combination of clitoral and vaginal) and multiple orgasms (happen one after the other).

2) Do you or your partner have a headache? Or any other pain? A hot stimulating sexy session with a mind blowing orgasm will get rid of your headache or any other aches. When your woman says she has a headache as a way of avoiding sex, you know what you have to do. Convince her that your sexual therapy is the best cure for that headache. This is because when you reach climax, your body releases oxytocin, which gives you that relaxed feel good feeling. This sensation can alleviate your headache, cramps or any other ache. One more reason for hitting the sack!

3) A female orgasm is complicated but not impossible. If she can’t come the normal way, work your magic on her nipples and give her a nipplegasm. When the nipples are stimulated, oxytocin is released and causes the same uterine and vaginal contractions that are associated with a hot “come”.

4) Some women are known to climax during labour and child birth. This happens whilst she is pushing the baby out. Some of her sensitive areas get stimulated and she therefore has an orgasm. Boy! What a heavenly way to give birth!

5) An average female orgasm is known to last anything between six to ten seconds. Saying that, some lucky women are known to have orgasms that last 20 seconds.

6) The best of way inducing a female orgasm is by adopting the doggy style during intercourse. Both the vagina and clitoris are stimulated with this position.

7) If you really want to know whether your woman is faking it or not, look out for the following signs. A retraction of the clitoral hood just before orgasm, dilated pupils, a racing heart beat, vaginal muscle spasms, stiffened nipples and arched feet are sure signs that she has “come”.

Now that you know a bit more about female orgasms, practice what you have read and I promise you your love life will be on a very smooth and even footing. Give her that “Knock me out” orgasm and see her bloom in front of your eyes.

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