Seven Things not to Wear to the Gym

Seven Things not to Wear to the Gym 1

Going to the gym has now become a necessity and the need for trendy gym wear is creating a section in the clothing industry. It is not just about going to the gym; it is about going to the gym wearing fashionable gym wear. It is however in our need to look trendy and sophisticated, we forget that there are certain things that we must not wear when we go to the gym. I will discuss the seven things you must not wear when you go to the gym.

  1. MAKE UP – Why would you wear makeup when you are going for a good sweat out? Wearing make up at the gym is totally unnecessary and I think they end up making you look more like a tart, not to forget all those clogged pores and the subsequent pimples.
  1. JEANS – Who wears jeans to the gym? Well you will be surprised how many people actually turn up in jeans at the gym. And it is not even on the day when we wear Jeans for Genes! They are heavy, restrictive and weird.  Totally inappropriate for the gym.  Get some well cut gym shorts and start working those six packs.
  1. BRANDED GEAR – What is a person wearing branded stuff doing at the gym anyway? Is she there for health purposes or to show off how rich she is or pretending that she is rich. Head to toe you are decked in designer wear and you honestly think you are going to the gym to work out? No way. You don’t need to wear designer gear for the gym.
  1. G STRINGS/THONGS – Please do not go to the gym wearing G – strings. Just wear proper under wear and forget about the visible panty line. When you sweat and move around during exercise, rectal bacteria can travel along the thong to the vagina, leading to infections in the vagina and the urinary tract. And we all know an infection “down there” is a nightmare. G-Strings also exacerbate an existing infection.
  1. SHOES WITH DIGITS – These shows have a huge and enthusiastic fan following, some even swearing that they relieve knee, foot, joint and back pain. But they are no-go as far as gyms are concerned. These foot coverings don’t provide enough protection should any gym equipment, like dumbbells fall on you.
  1. BAGGY SWEAT PANTS – Totally not appropriate for the gym as it tends to catch on exercise machines like stationary bikes, where the hem can get stuck on the pedal. If you really want to cover those legs then wear slim fitting long pants. Shorts are always the ideal gym wear.
  1. UNTESTED TANKS – They may be the most modest wear for the gym but wait till you bend over. You just might be accused of flashing! It is always good to check your top view from different angles before leaving for the gym to make sure that you look modest.

I know it is common sense that some things should not be and are not entertained in gyms but the vanity in us makes us wear the things that we really shouldn’t.

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