Do you have short nails and are running short of ideas? Read below to find out

Do you have short nails and are running short of ideas? Read below to find out 1

There was a time when women wanted to have long nails because of a variety of reasons. But, now because of the work pressure or maybe because they are not able to take care of that, short nails is something which is preferred by most women. Also, maintaining long nails at times can really become very painful. There is also a risk attached with long nails that they might break or there might be some sort of scratch which makes your hands look really bad. Even if on any given day you feel that you are in need of long nails, then no need to worry, the market is flooded with long nails and you can always keep one pack with you. Nail Art on short nails looks amazing, below are some the very creative nail arts that you can try :

  1. Marble Art :

This is very common form of art. This can be done by you as well. You can start by applying any glossy nail polish and then take any corner of your nail and started creating specks. The shape entirely depends on you, you can also use different colors for each of the speck that you create. The base can be taken as black as by using black colour, all the other colours will start looking flashy and dynamic.

  1. Glitter Art :

If you want to try something very flashy, then this one is for you. Also, try this only when you are sure that you are good at it, otherwise, it would be recommended that you take help of a professional for this.

  1. Floral Nails :

Floral dresses, floral tops, so much floral in vogue, isn’t it? The design is actually very simple but at the same time, it can also be slightly tricky. You should take the color combination that looks best to create that floral design and also according to the color of your skin. Also, remember, floral might not look good on everyone, so you can try a couple of fingers first and then decide whether you want this design or not.

  1. Segmented Nail Art :

This one has become really popular these days. Though this is something that can be done better on long nails, but giving it a try on shorter is not an issue. Before you start it, you should have a fine brush so that you are able to give it the look it deserves.

  1. Black and Gold Art :

Black and gold complement each other. They look the best when they are together. Here, you can start with a black base and after that with the help of golden paint, put some parallel lines that will add that high- shine look to your nails.

  1. Cartoon Faces :

We all love cartoons, don’t we? So, why not draw some cartoon faces on our nails? Yes, this can be very much done. The cartoon designs actually looks good on short nails. Get nail paints of all the colors, give a solid transparent base to your nails and start drawing.

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