Simple Lifehacks to Reduce Stress

Simple Lifehacks to Reduce Stress 1

Has stress taken over your life completely? What all you ever long for is some time to relax yourself and reduce stress? Stress has indeed become an inevitable fact of life; but it is not mandatory to always remain under stress. Indeed, you need some sure shot methods to reduce the stress that has affected your life badly. Here are some simple life hacks, which can act as a great means in reducing the stress:

  1. Meditation

A few minutes spent in meditation can help you by easing the anxiety and reducing the level of stress. Daily meditation makes the body resilient to the high stress level that we often face. All you need to do is sit straight with feet on the floor, close the eyes and focus your attention in reciting out loud some positive verses. By breathing exercises you can relax yourself  instantaneously. This meditation will keep you relaxed and fill you with numerous positive vibes.

  1. Write about your stress

Writing is a great healer. Write about the things that bothers you to great extend and build up stress for you. Take out 15 minutes each day to write about such stressful events and the feels these events give you. This way you can track the stress you are going through. Thus, you can easily point out the stress causing agents and the level of stress you get. By getting this clear picture, you can cope up the stress in a better manner. Thus, you can devise the action plan in accordance with the stress causing agents and the level of stress one faces.

  1. Get into some sort of physical activity

Physical activity plays a significant role in preventing the ill effects of stress from impacting you. The physical activity will relieve you from stress by burning away your anger, frustration and tension. Exercise boosts up the mood and makes one feel good; thus acts as a great distraction from the daily stress and worries.

  1. Talk to someone who listen you with attention

Talking to an attentive listener who himself is relaxed as well as balanced can help you to reduce the anxiety level and calm yourself in a great manner. This listener’s responsibility area is not solving the problem you are facing, he/she just helps you in eliminating the stress by actively listening to what is bothering you so much. This active and attentive listener can be any of your family members or your trusted friend or colleague. Such family and friends are your greatest asset.

  1. Nothing is permanent

We know that we are living in a world which is temporary; nothing here is permanent; so are situations and stressful events. The worries, nervousness and other stress causing agents that we face today may not even be there tomorrow. So, never harbor such negative feelings. Change is the only thing which is constant in life. This too shall pass, is what one must say to oneself when going through a great stressful condition. Hence, there is no need to remain stressful and become vulnerable to other mental and physical hazards.

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