Sound Therapy Treatments – An Innovative Way To Get Rid Of Hypertension And Migraine

Sound Therapy Treatments – An Innovative Way To Get Rid Of Hypertension And Migraine 1

Hypertension and migraine are amongst the most common health ailments that affect countless people across the globe. Despite the numerous advances in medical science, no lasting treatment has been developed for these conditions and patients generally rely on SOS medication and lifestyle changes to ease the symptoms and pain. However, a recent study has given new hope to patients suffering from these two ailments as it provides a means of treating them in an innovative manner. The new therapy is based on sound waves, which are used to reduce high blood pressure and also provide relief from the symptoms of migraine in an effective manner.

The therapy which, revealed to be a result of two separate studies, as presented at the 2016 Scientific Sessions of American Heart Association’s Council on Hypertension. The therapy is basically a non-invasive neuro-technology that helps in balancing the frequencies in the right and left hemisphere of the brainy using high-resolution, relational, resonance based, electro encephalic mirroring. This technology is termed as HIRREM for short and replicating the results of the study might even pave the way for the treatment of mild hypertension and migraine. Unlike a drug, this therapy motivates the brain to gradually rectify the hyperactivity within, without any conscious, cognitive activity.

In the two studies that were conducted, the first involved 10 men and women suffering from high blood pressure. They showed a significant reduction in the condition, after having undergone an average of 18 therapy sessions over a period of 10 days. The patients recorded an average reduction in the systolic blood pressure from 152 to 136, while the diastolic blood pressure came down from 97 to 81. The second study was conducted on 52 adult patients suffering from migraine who were subjected to an average of 16 therapy sessions over a period of nine days. The patients showed a significant improvement in the condition of insomnia, mood and headaches after a period of two weeks.

During the therapy, sensors are placed on the scalp of the patients to read their brain activity. The sensors measure the electrical activity, any imbalances between the left and right brain, and hyper arousal, which are tracked in the form of series of audible tones. These tones are then reflected back into the brain through ear buds, within milliseconds of receiving them. Thus the brain of the patients is able to view an acoustic reflection of its activity and helps the organ to auto-calibrate, self-optimize, relax and reset. Put in simple words, the brain shifts towards an improvisation in balance and reduction in hyper arousal on its own, once it observes the acoustic image of its imbalanced activity.

Despite the small size of the study groups, researchers in the field are excited about the results. This is evident from the fact that more than 400 participants have now enrolled for a larger research program. Researchers feel that if the effects of HIRREM are confirmed for a larger number of people within controlled environments, it will provide a more valuable ad effective approach towards brain-based healthcare. In fact it will prove quite motivating and might even provide a breakthrough for researchers trying to find a solution for difficult to treat medical conditions without using invasive techniques. In fact many researchers believe that if the results of larger research group turn out to be positive, it can revolutionize our outlook towards medical treatment.

However, for the time being, the developers of HIRREM are treading with great caution. They are not implying it to be a medical device in any respect and in fact have even gone on to deny that it is intended to treat, cure, heal, or diagnose any disease, mental illness or symptom, even though it has not deterred medical researchers.

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