How to stay healthy and fit this summer

How to stay healthy and fit this summer 1

Here come the girls…..We all exercise and try all the beauty products available to show off our bodies and healthy skin during the summer. We start preparing our bodies to look glamorous in whatever we wear, whether it is a bikini or a cover all kaftan.

But what happens when that time of the year that we have working for finally arrives? All the excuses start – it is too hot to exercise, I simply can’t be bothered, I just feel lazy, I am not hungry….and the excuses continue.

This attitude will undo all the hard work that you have done over the cooler months. All that work down the drain. Let us make a resolution that whatever happens we will not let the summer heat effect us in any way and we will continue to hold onto that glorious look. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your resolution.

  1. DRINK LOTS OF WATER – Water is an important part of our diet at all times, but even more so during summer. Drink water about 15 minutes before starting your work out and have regular sips during the work out too. If you weigh yourself before and after workout you will be able to work out how much water you have lost during the workout. Replenish every pound lost with 16 ounces of water.
  2. GO OUT AND ABOUT – The perfect time of the year to do things you have always wanted to do. Walk, jog or do some activities with friends or children so in case you don’t exercise these activities will give you all the benefits of a good workout.
  3. EAT RIGHT – Don’t starve yourself. Eat small portions of food throughout the day. Ideally you should be eating five to six small meals. The higher the number of small meals, the higher your metabolic rate. Who said you couldn’t eat to lose weight? It is also important to eat the right foods. Consume sweets and junk food in moderation. I know the thought of a cold fizzy drink is heaven during the heaving summer months but lay off the fizz and sweets.
  1. ENGAGE IN A SPORTING ACTIVITY THAT IS IDEAL FOR SUMMER – Sports like swimming, water surfing, and diving will not only keep you cool but also make it an enjoyable experience.
  2. AVOID THE SUN WHEN IT’S AT ITS STRONGEST – Although it is good to get out and about it is also important that you do it at the right time to prevent heat stroke and long term effects like skin cancer. If you want to exercise then try not to do so between 10:00 am and 4pm when the sun is at its strongest. Opt for early mornings or late evening to burn those calories off.
  3. HAVE FUN – Summer is the best time of the year so have fun and enjoy the sun. Enjoy your activities and relax whilst still keeping an eye on a fit and healthy you.

Most importantly love yourself. Continue eating and drinking right and you will always be in tip top shape. Do your best and love your inside beauty, basking in the warm rays of the sun. And don’t forget to get a break and take the all important rest.

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