You love their eyes, but do you know the daily struggles she goes through wearing contact lenses?

You love their eyes, but do you know the daily struggles she goes through wearing contact lenses? 1

Behind those big glasses, you can never see the face of the sweet, charming perhaps a beautiful girl. We even end up calling them with weird names, which are embarrassing time and again. But, one fine day, she decides to shock you all with her stunning looks and curves by just wearing contact lenses. You see, that is the changing point in her life and an attractive lady being the weakness of your life. Well, trust me; it takes a great ache for them all to adjust to those lenses, which are actually a pain giving vision device. The short time look for any event in a girl’s life is terrible with contact lenses if they are mishandled or not fixed properly. Let us see those 5 major struggles these pretty ladies face in order to make them look perfect while wearing contact lenses:-

  1. Girls need to be precise while putting up those lenses which mean correct place and position. Sometimes, putting the lenses inside out can create a trouble and itching sensation. This ends up with again removing it, cleaning and then adjusting it.
  2. Secondly, you wake up with a false hope of getting your eyesight back. The best part is that girls realize they slept with their lenses on, which can be problematic at times. This also leads to hurting the eyes when you wake up as they are watery at times.
  3. Girls also need to take care while they are anywhere out. When you are driving or near the sand or faced a storm like situation, your lenses kick back badly. Due to dust particles around, it becomes difficult to see and you keep blinking until you are fine.
  4. Sometimes, when girls drop their lenses it is like a fire in the mountain case. They end up searching and even crawl on the floor until they find it back. And when they do, dealing with its so-called new form than the former one hurts even more.
  5. Finally, at the end of the day, all they want is peace. At any cost, dealing with dryness becomes a pain in the eye case. They really want to remove them and rest their eyes as it agitates them to the utmost level. Washing it with the solution, which might sometimes not be there, and you have to run to a shop late night.

So, all these terrifying experiences with just a contact lenses is worst than dealing with problems of handling a baby. Well in today’s era, the contact lenses are fortunate enough to be treated with care as they are not less valuable than gold. Contact lenses are expensive and need to be maintained to the best level with necessary precautions. Similarly, girls of today’s generation love their looks due to lenses and go out of the way to take care of them. They even end up carrying extra pair of lenses as well as the solution cleaner to protect them from any trouble. If such is the dedication of youngsters towards contact lenses, I am sure a little more training can make them more responsible towards other precious things in life.

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