Essential Summer Safety Tips That Every Parent Must Teach Their Kids

Essential Summer Safety Tips That Every Parent Must Teach Their Kids 1

Summer is a time of fun and frolic for the children and hence t is only natural for the kids to move outdoors and enjoy themselves. However, summer is also a time when most parents tend to worry about the safety of their kids and the most, with some parents even preventing their kids from venturing outdoors. However, rather than restricting the physical activity of the kids, which is extremely essential for their physical, mental and psychological growth, parents should adhere to the following summer safety tips, to ensure the health and well being of the little ones while they are outdoors having fun.

Teach The Kids About The Importance Of Drinking Ample Fluids

Often parents force their children to drink more water while they are playing in the sun without actually explaining the reason for the same. This generally fails to produce the desired results as the kids do not understand the importance of remaining well hydrated. As such it is important for the parents to talk to the kids about the need to drink enough water and other liquids and make sure that they send them out with a bottle of their favorite drink.

Keep The Kids Protected From Sun

Exposure to sun rays can cause serious health issues in children, including skin damage and heat stroke. As such it is important to send out the children equipped in a proper gear and attire to keep them safe from the sun, including hats or caps, a good pair of glares and cool showers or talc. Parents should also educate the children about the benefits of playing in shade. Using a good sunscreen lotion having a minimum SPF 15 on the exposed body parts of the kids is also a good way to protect their skin from the harmful effects of sun.

Prevent Mosquito And Bug Bites

Most children never want their play time to end, which is why it is quite common for kids to continue playing long after the sun goes down. However, it is also the time when mosquitoes and other bugs become highly active and can cause serious ailments in the kids with a single bite. SO parents should make sure that whenever their children go out to play in the evening they are well protected against the bites of such dangerous insects. The markets are full of products that the kids can use without hindering their play to remain safe from mosquito bites as well as the bites of other insects.

Imbibe Safe Play Habits In Kids  


Every year countless parents visit hospital emergency rooms after their kids get injured while playing. The best way to avoid any such incidents is to imbibe safe playing habits within the kids from a very young age. The kids should be taught about the importance of not indulging in activities that might cause any type of injury to their playmates or even damage the property within their play area. Parents of extremely small children should check the play area personally to verify its level of safety. They should even be present around the kids to monitor their activities and prevent any accidents.



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