Tips to Prevent Eye Complications in Diabetes

Tips to Prevent Eye Complications in Diabetes 1

Avoid eye complications in diabetes with these tips!

There are some steps which you can take for reducing your chances of loss of vision due to diabetic retinopathy and its complications:

  1. Controlling the blood sugar levels- keep the blood sugar levels in the target range by eating only healthy diet and keep monitoring the blood sugar levels. Do regular exercise and take insulin or the prescribed meds for type 2 diabetes.
  2. Controlling the blood pressure- retinopathy is more probable for progressing to the extreme form and macular edema is more expected to occur in the people who have high BP. In general, keeping your BP levels in check can help in reducing the risk of a number of various complications of diabetes.
  3. Get your eyes examined from eye specialist- screening for eye problems including diabetic retinopathy will not avoid diabetic eye disease. However, it can aid you in avoiding the loss of vision by letting early detection and treatment.
  4. In case of changes in the vision, see an ophthalmologist- changes in the visions like pressure of pain in the eyes, floaters, double or blurry vision, new vision loss – can be some of the symptoms of serious damage to the retina. In many cases, the sooner the treatment of problem is done, the more impactful the treatment will be.

Preventing diabetes and its complications

No matter what science discovers about the complications and the causes of diabetes, and no matter how many new effective treatments come up, the epidemic of diabetes and the complications due to is continues to spread. Apparently, the best way to avoid complications due to diabetes like blindness is to avoid diabetes itself in the first place.

Diabetes and its effects on eyes

Diabetes starts to affect the eyes when the blood sugar or the blood glucose level in the body rises. In shirt, you are not likely to have loss of vision from high glucose level. Sometimes, people have blurry visions for some days or even weeks when the change their diabetes care plan or their meds. High glucose can change the fluid levels and can also cause swelling in your eyes tissues which aids in focusing. This causes blurred vision. This kind of blurry vision is not permanent and recedes when the glucose level starts getting to the normal level.

Preventing eye complications for Type 1 diabetes

The good news is that now, there are treatments for diabetic retinopathy, especially if it is discovered in an early stage. A treatment involves a laser beam closing terminating the leaky blood vessels. This is quite impactful to in prevention of the progression of the disease in lot pf patients. However, it does nothing to improve the vision. Nonetheless, a course of treatment called as anti- VEGF injections developed has shown to not just halt the disease progress, but also enhance the vision in many patients.

Comprehensive eye examination

Talk with your eye doctor about how often you should have the dilated eye exam which aids in checking your retinas- for uncovering any diabetes-linked eye issues. One time in year dilation is enough for some people who have controlled diabetes. However, the people with diabetic retinopathy may need more frequent dilated examinations- especially if they are getting the treatment for retinopathy. Always stick to your schedule because early detection and treatment in time can mean a lot better results.

Your retinas can be highly damaged before you see any change in your vision. Many people with non-proliferative retinopathy show no symptoms. Even with this more dangerous form, people sometimes show no symptoms until it’s too late for the treatment. Hence, for this reason, you should have your eyes examined on regular basis by your eye care professional


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