Top 7 Diet Mistakes That Are Making You Fat

Top 7 Diet Mistakes That Are Making You Fat 1

Are you doing a dedicated dieting and still unable to shed those extra pounds enveloping your body? So, what diet mistakes are you making which is keeping you away from your desired weight. Have a look:

  1. Trying too many diets at a time

A lot of crash diets make a statement in the newspapers and other journals, so indeed you become perplexed as to which diet plan to follow and which one to leave. You are not really sure as to which diet will surely work for you, so you end up either trying 2 or more diet plans at a time or mixing the different diet plans to create a new diet plan which often results in making you fatter. So, beware!!

  1. Skipping meals

If you think you will lose weight faster by skipping meals, then you are certainly thinking in the wrong direction. In fact, by skipping meals you will end up eating more thus accumulating more fat. The right thing is to eat small meals six times a day that will keep your metabolism in the right gear. By starving you only end up eating high calorie food later.

  1. Going on crash diets

By relying on crash diets, you may end up losing the pounds faster, but the problem erupts when you end that crash diet and start taking routine diet. This is because the crash diet totally slows down the metabolism system of the body and thus when you take high calorie food later, it is not able to burn the calories often; adding more fat on your body.

  1. Overlooking hidden calories

Even when you are dieting, you are taking a lot of hidden calories which you may not be even aware of. You don’t even realize about the presence of these calories in your diet. For instance, the 2 tablespoons of olive oil used for cooking has nearly 250 calories, 3 cubes of cheese has 140 calories and 2 tablespoons of cream present in the coffee has around 60 calories. So don’t overlook these!

  1. Inadequate sleep

An inadequate amount of sleep can play havoc with your weight loss plan. This is because of the two ways in which it affects the body in an adverse manner. When you don’t get sleep, the level of ghrelin which is responsible for hunger increases in the body and thus compel you to overeat. In that sensation of eating you always crave on candies, cookies, pastas and chips; thus ruining the entire dietary efforts.

  1. Thinking too much about being fat

Dieting is not just limited to what you eat, but also take into account a number of mental factors which can make or break a diet. According to researchers, thinking every time about being fat is a major reason that keep you away from being fit. The mental stress actually leads to increased diet and decreased metabolism, thus adding up to your fat.

  1. Drinking less water

This is the simplest yet deadly diet mistake many commit. Water is needed by your body in order to burn calories. When you let your body dehydrated, the metabolism decreases and the entire weight loss system slow down. Try adding more glasses of water in your diet.

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