Understanding Urinary Track Infection And How It Affects The Life Of Female Patients

Understanding Urinary Track Infection And How It Affects The Life Of Female Patients 1

Every disease, no matter how minor it might seem, affects the day to day functioning of the patients in some manner. Hence, when the ailment is something painful and discomforting like an infection of the urinary tract, it is bound to cause a major impact on the quality of life of the patients. Statistics have revealed that the urinary tract infection is more common amongst females as compared to males, with up to half the women from across the globe becoming the victim of this disease at some point in their life. In most such cases, the infection affects more than the health and well-being of the women, which in turn has a significant impact on their everyday life.

What Is Urinary Track Infection

The infection of the urinary track is caused by microbes who might have gained access to any part of the system responsible for waste removal from the body. The microbes responsible for the infection include bacteria, virus and fungi and these can infect the urethra, bladder, uterus and even kidneys. In most cases, the infections are caused by bacteria while those caused by virus and fungi are relatively uncommon.

Symptoms of Infection

While a proper clinical examination is the only sure way to establish the presence of an infection, most women experience some or all of the following symptoms.

  • Feeling of a frequent desire to urinate, even immediately after having done so
  • A straining sensation toward the end of urination
  • Feeling that the bladder has not been emptied properly
  • A sensation of pain or burning while urinating
  • Desire to urinate repeatedly at night
  • Presence of a pinkish or reddish tinge in urine color
  • Mild to severe back or abdomen pain
  • Mild to high fever

Treatment For The Ailment

The treatment of urinary tract infections generally depends on the organ within the tract that has been infected. However, in almost all cases the patients are prescribed a course of antibiotics, which might again vary according to the type of infection. Additionally, the patients are advised to increase their water consumption significantly as it can help in flushing out the toxins and bacteria and viruses etc.

Most people are unaware of the fact that the instances of the bladder becoming infected are quite common and also that the treatment of such infections is relatively easy. On the other hand, the infection of kidneys is quite rare and treatment for the same is also more serious and complicated. Treating the infection of other organs within the urinary track lies between these two extreme ends.

Effects Of Infection On The Life Of Females

Although UTI is a fairly common disease, it is not considered to have a major impact of the life of the patients. However, this is not completely true as the life of females suffering from this infection is likely to be affected in the following ways.

  • The women might have to live with a sense of unsettlement as they have to constantly struggle with the urge to visit the washroom very frequently.
  • The women tend to develop a sense of in-confidence while going out as they feel afraid of the urgency of using the washroom when they cannot gain access to one.
  • The symptoms of pain and fever can cause great discomfort to the women and hider them from carrying out their everyday tasks besides leading to extreme mental stress.
  • Some women might suffer from severe side effects of strong medication which might lead to further complications in terms of health issues and other associated discomforts.
  • In case of pregnant women, the occurrence of such an infection might lead to premature labour and even premature childbirth in severe cases.
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