Various Reasons That Might Cause Your Mouth To Taste Like Metal

Various Reasons That Might Cause Your Mouth To Taste Like Metal 1

You might often feel your mouth to taste like a metal and wonder what might be causing the same. This problem is not as uncommon as you might consider it to be and in medical terms it is defined as a taste disorder called parageusia. You can develop the problem all of a sudden or it might have gradually evolved over a long period of time. In either case, the presence of a metallic in your mouth can be indicative of serious health issues.  Discussed below are some common causes that might be responsible for this peculiar taste to develop in your mouth.

Poor Oral Health:

Not following a healthy oral routine, can affect more than the teeth and gums. The metallic taste you constantly feel in your mouth can just be another side effect of an infection caused by the poor oral health care routine. The patients should visit a qualified dentist to get the appropriate medication for curing the infection, which will consequently eliminate the metallic taste in the mouth. In addition they should also follow a healthy routine to take care of their teeth and gums and prevent the recurrence of the infections.

Consumption Of Prescription Medicines:

Many time, the need to consume specific medications such as certain antibiotics, medicine for controlling blood pressure and diabetes or medication for osteoporosis and antidepressants can lead to your mouth developing a metallic taste. These medicines after being absorbed in the body come out through the saliva, which being quite close to the taste buds give a dry metallic feeling inside the mouth. It is advisable to drink plenty of water when on regular medication so that the effect is not as pronounced.

Chemotherapy And Radiation:

Some forms of chemotherapy and radiation treatment amongst patients might lead to them developing a metallic taste in their mouth. In such situations, patients might be prescribed vitamin supplements, especially the ones rich in vitamin D and zinc to reduce the sense of taste distortion. This has also led to the belief that the metallic taste might be caused by the deficiency of specific vitamins within the body.


It is quite common for pregnant women to feel their mouth tasting like a metal, especially during the early stages of pregnancy. This is due to the hormonal changes occurring within the body of these females and given the specific condition, no treatment is suggested for the same. The sensation goes away after some time and the women feel their sense of taste restored to normal once again.

Nose And Throat Infections:

Since the senses of smell and taste are closely related, it is quite common for people to develop a metallic taste within their mouth, when their sense of smell is disturbed. This might happen as a side effect of the nose and throat infections affecting the patients. This is a temporary condition that ends when the infection is cured.

Food Allergies:

People suffering from food allergies might also develop a metallic taste within their mouth. Generally, the taste distortion in such cases occurs only after the patients have consumed a specific type of food that they might be allergic to. It is advisable for the patients to avoid consuming the food that might lead their sense of taste to become distorted so that they can avoid facing the discomfort of this ailment.


Taste abnormality is a common phenomenon in people suffering from metal ailments such as dementia. This is because the taste buds, like most other sense organs of the body, are connected directly to brain with the help of nerves and hence might not be able to work in a proper manner, if the part of the brain controlling its functionality is not working in the right manner.

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