Low Vitamin D Levels In Body Can Be The Enhance The Risk Of Chronic Headaches

Low Vitamin D Levels In Body Can Be The Enhance The Risk Of Chronic Headaches 1

Headaches are amongst the most common and also the most ignored health ailments that people suffer from. There are several reasons that might cause an individual to suffer from chronic headaches. The most prominent of these have been related to excessive stress, high blood pressure and migraine. Now another factor has been added to this list in the form of deficiency of Vitamin D.  A new study has revealed that people, especially middle-aged and older men living in colder areas might have an increased risk of suffering from chronic headaches if the Vitamin D levels within their body are lower than normal.

About The Study

During the period between 1984 and 1989, the researchers at the University of Finland, analyzed the serum vitamin D levels of about 2,600 men aged between 42 and 60 years and also recorded the instances of headache in these men. It was observed that 68% had a serum Vitamin D level below 50 nanomoles per liter (nmol/L), which is the baseline of Vitamin D deficiency. It was also observed that 250 of these men complained of a chronic headache at least once a week and that their serum Vitamin D level was lesser than that of other men.

Later, the individuals, who were a part of the study group, were divided into four subgroups based on their serum vitamin D levels. It was then observed that in the group of men having the lowest levels of Vitamin D, the risk of a chronic headache almost doubled as compared to the men in the group with the highest levels. It was also found that the frequency of such headaches increased during the months except the summer months from June to September. This was attributed to the fact that during the summer months the average serum Vitamin D levels amongst individuals are quite high, thanks to the UVB radiation from sun.

Conclusions From The Study

The findings from the study were published in the journal Scientific Records and established once more the importance of proper Vitamin D levels within the body. The report published in the journal also stated that, while the said study was the largest one conducted with regard to establishing this link, several other smaller studies conducted before have confirmed the connection between the lack of Vitamin D and chronic headaches. Although the researchers were not exactly sure as to how the lack of this specific vitamin causes headaches, they went on to suggest that it might be prove beneficial in providing relief from inflammation and nerve-related pain.

The deficiency of the Vitamin has previously been linked to several other health issues including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and specific types of cancer. The new study further established why it is imperative for individuals to avoid any situations where they might face a deficiency of Vitamin D, especially if they live in a colder region. It also established that older men having healthier vitamin D levels are less likely to suffer from such painful headaches.

The Solution

Researchers have suggested that people, who live in regions where restoring the Vitamin D levels in the body through exposure to sunlight is difficult, should rely on  food items and supplements to replenish this essential nutrients.


Eggs, fatty fish, milk and cereals can prove to be a good source of Vitamin D and when consumed on a regular basis can help in maintaining the nutrient at a healthy level within the body. In addition, people should also pay attention to proper pairing of the food items so as to ensure that the maximum amount of Vitamin is absorbed by the body. To ensure the same they should consume food containing Vitamin D with foods that are rich in fat for best results.

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