Ways to Take Care of Your Breast

Ways to Take Care of Your Breast 1

Every woman wants to have a perfect body some have some don’t, but the important part is to keep it healthy. Some women want to enhance their assets but it is more important to take care of them first, so that you can prevent upcoming diseases and signs of ageing. Breast care is essential for every woman regardless of how young or old she is.

Breasts represent: femininity, sexuality and maternal love. But they also present potential problems: bouncing, sagging, mastitis and infection, and in the worst case scenario, cancer.

Here are some simple ways to take care of your breasts.

Eat Healthy

Eating a well balanced diet of vegetables, good quality meats and proteins, healthy fats, and nutrient rich foods helps in maintaining good healthy. Make sure to get plenty of essential fatty acids and anti-oxidant rich diet that will also help to manage the side effects of chemotherapy for cancer patients.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising does not increase the size of your breasts. Fitness experts say exercise can shape your breasts and improve circulation. Push-ups for fifteen minutes every day will make your breasts firm. Using Dumbbells would strengthen the chest muscles and in turn, the breasts. Increase in physical activity, even when done later in life, reduces overall breast-cancer risk by about 10 to 30%.

Massage your breasts

You can do this at home. Use herbal oil to massage your breasts with your hands, this helps improve blood circulation. Start by holding your breasts and gently press while moving upwards. Use your fingers to massage in circular motion. You could ask your partner to give you this massage to make things exciting.

Wear the right Bra

The wrong bra could make your breasts look bad. It can also cause ligament tears or soft tissue damage. Tight or miss-fit bras can restrict blood flow and air supply. This might lead to building-up of toxins. This can lead to breast cancer.

Examine your Breast regularly

This is probably the most important part pertaining to breast care. A regular exam will warn you before things become serious. If you feel lumps while massaging, go to a doctor. It could be a tumour, if your breasts or nipples are very tender, you could have an infection.


Maintain a healthy weight

We all have a different ideal weight for our body. Maintain your weight as per required BMI (Body mass Index).  Obesity raises the risk of breast cancer, especially after menopause when breast cancer most often occurs.

Smoking an Invitation

Smoking cigarettes is associated with increased risk of breast cancer and is very bad for your body in many ways.

Alcohol you drink

Alcohol use is also associated with the risk of breast cancer. It’s recommended to have no more than 1 drink per day. Wine is a better option in comparison to hard drinks.

For a woman they are a symbol of her feminity. In case proper care is not taken then she might lose one or both of them.  In the event this should happen a woman not only losses confidence of her feminity but also paves way for other mental and psychological issues.

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