White Sugar vs Brown Sugar, Which is Better for Your Health?

White Sugar vs Brown Sugar, Which is Better for Your Health? 1

When it comes to choosing healthier foods, brown is generally considered better than white. The two best examples of this are brown rice and whole wheat or brown bread. This has led a majority of people to believe that brown sugar is a healthier option than the regular white sugar they use. However, before you apply follow the common perception and start using brown sugar in place of the refined white sugar, given below are some important facts that you need to consider about both types of sweeteners.

Manufacturing Process

Contrary to what most people believe, brown sugar is not actually raw sugar, but in fact the refined white sugar undergoes further processing. The basic method of manufacturing both these types of sweeteners is essentially the same and comprises of pulverizing the sugarcane chunks to get the sweet juicy syrup. This syrup is then filtered before being boiled to get the slightly brownish raw sugar.

The raw sugar is once again heated and chemicals are added to remove the coloration. The resulting liquid is boiled one final time to reach the perfect concentration that will create fine white granulated sugar crystals. The brown sugar is obtained by adding some molasses to the white sugar which give the product its brownish tinge and also add extremely small quantities of some essential minerals to it.

Nutritional Facts

In terms of the nutrition provided there is not any significant difference between brown and white sugar as both are essentially made from the same crop. At the same time, the addition of molasses surely enhances the nutritional value of brown sugar by adding minerals like calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium, none of which are present in refined sugar.  However, these minerals are present in such small quantities that they hardly make a difference on the overall nutrient requirements for your body. So, practically brown sugar does not provide any significant nutritional benefits over white sugar.

Calorie Count 

Since both the sweeteners are essentially derived from the same food product and contain more or less similar nutrients, they also offer almost the same amounts of calories per serving.  It has been proven that a teaspoonful of brown sugar contains 17 calories which is in fact one greater than the 16 calories contained in a teaspoonful of white sugar. Thus if you need to watch your calories, white sugar is definitely the better option.

In view of the above facts, I can be easily understood that when it comes to sugar, brown is surely not a healthier option. In fact, many people feel that the trend of using brown sugar has become popular only because it has a more aesthetic and natural appeal and helps to enhance the look and taste of baked products.

But whether it is white sugar or brown sugar, limiting their intake is the key to maintaining a fit and healthy life. It is recommended that the added sugar intake for women should not be more than 100 calories per day while for men it should not exceed 150 calories per day. Ignoring these restrictions, increase the risks of individuals to gain weight and become affected by chronic diseases.

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