Why Chewing is Healthy?

Why Chewing is Healthy? 1

Chewing for healthier eating

You must have heard this advice so many times in your life: making little changes in your lifestyle and your diet can add to loss in weight and an improved health. However, did you ever think that one of these changes can be something as simple and as easy as just chewing more- i.e., selecting the food which require more jaw action, along with chewing the gum?

Given below are some reasons why chewing the food well is considered as healthy for the body:

  1. It helps in maintaining a healthy weight:

It is proven that if you chew your food well, you will tend to eat slower and then gradually you will feel satiated much early.

  1. Aids in absorption of the nutrients:

Chewing helps in breaking the particles of the food into smaller particles and further make the process of digestion easier.

  1. Eases the digestion:

Chewing the food properly is the 1st step of improving your digestion process.

  1. It is an exercise for your jawline:

Interestingly, chewing is a good workout even for the jaws. It not only aids in easy digestion, but also gives you a better jawline.

  1. Reduces the unwanted bacteria from the intestines:

The improperly chewed food tends to stay undigested when it goes in the intestines. The residing bacteria then putrefy the food and results in formation of gas. It then makes you feel bloated.

How to properly chew the food

The way that you chew your food is unique and is probably deeply ingrained by this point of your life. In other words, you are likely to make conscious efforts of changing the way of your chewing. However, the good news is that you can simply start with your next meal. There are a number of theories on how many times you should in an ideal manner, chew every piece of your food. You need not be very strict about it. Nonetheless, as the amount of chewing food needed definitely depend on the food’s texture and type. Given below is a guide for you to ensure that you are chewing your food in a way which is only going to support your health. Speaking generally, you will want to eat in a non-distracted and a relaxed environment. Eating while you are working or watching TV or when you are on a run is not conducive to ‘proper’ chewing.

  1. Take little bites of food to start with. It is easier to chew small morsels.
  2. Chew steadily and slowly
  3. Chew until your mouthful of food has lost it texture and has completely liquefied.
  4. Finish chewing and swallowing before you take another bite.
  5. Wait to drink and fluids until you have swallowed.

Appreciate your food

When you eat slowly and chew mindfully, you also let yourself the space for truly appreciating your food. Food appreciation can mean a lot of things. Give yourself the chance of appreciating the fact that you have food on your plate- the food which is nourishing as well as beautiful. Maybe you take the time for appreciating the method in which the food has gone through form its origin to your plate. Promoting an environment which gives emphasis to the appreciation of food rather than deprivation is the foundation of a healthy food- relationship.

It is hard to say if a person’s speed of eating and the rate of chewing are completely responsible for the body-weight benefits. Scientists are yet to discover the ideal number of chews per bit. However, taking some additional time for chewing the food- especially when you are the kind who always finishes the dinner first- seems like a pretty good idea! There’s no greater thing than a healthy body.


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