Weight Lifting – A Work Out Regime That Helps Women Get In Shape Without Gaining Muscle Mass

Weight Lifting – A Work Out Regime That Helps Women Get In Shape Without Gaining Muscle Mass 1

Most women joining a gym for getting a healthier and fitter body tend to feel worried when they are asked to do weight training. This is because weight training considered as an exercise that helps the trainers to develop muscle mass and get a finely chiseled muscular body. In fact, it is one of the most favored exercises amongst men as it helps them to tome the different muscles of their body make it look strong and manly.

In view of the above facts, it is only natural for women to feel worried that too much weight training might reduce their feminine appearance. However, this is not true as weight training affects has different affects on male and female physique, due to the difference in their hormonal structure.  A majority of women are surprised to learn that the biological structuring of their bodies makes it almost impossible for them to get a masculine body even with extremely rigorous weight training regimes.

Weight Training And Human Biology

The difference in physical body appearance of men and women is caused by the varying levels of testosterone hormone within the two sexes. On an average, the testosterone levels in men are 20 times higher than those in women. This hormone is responsible for men having deeper voices, a significantly larger amount of body hair and even a greater muscle mass. It is also the hormone responsible for helping men gain muscular mass easily and at a faster pace through a combination of regular weight lifting schedules and proper diet. Given the extremely low levels of testosterone in female body, the exercise does not enable them to gain bulk but rather makes their body leaner and fitter.

Other Benefits Of Weight Training

Although, weight training does not make the women develop bulging muscles and swollen biceps, it does offer the following benefits.

  • It helps in weight and fat loss and also helps to shape the curves in the most appropriate manner. It helps to tighten and tone the body and gives it a more tighter and sculpted look by reducing the extra fat and flab found in the problem areas.
  • It helps build the physical and mental strength of the females and enhances their endurance levels. Women learn to work hard beyond their expected limit and this ensures a healthier and fitter lifestyle that makes them feel happy and proud.
  • It delays the onset of signs of ageing by toning the muscles and reducing cellulite formation and also minimizes muscle loss. As the women seat it out while lifting heavy weights in the gym, they unknowingly help restore the elasticity of the skin and this keeps them looking younger and firmer for a longer time.
  • It helps in enhancing the bone density amongst women, reducing the risk of Osteoporosis and osteopenia, which are becoming increasingly common amongst the females. As the bones become stronger, the women face a reduced risk of injury and pain caused by fracture resulting from even a simple hit or break.
  • It helps in relieving stress and enhances bone density besides regulating hormone stimulation. It also helps to enhance the confidence of the females and lifts their mood, enabling them to think clearly and with a frame of positive mind.
  • Finally, weight lifting when combined with other exercises including cardio training and flexibility and balance training can help women achieve their fitness objectives at a faster face and in a more effective manner. It will help in enhancing the overall fitness and appearance of their body, making them feel really good and eliminating any sense of embarrassment or low self esteem that they might have been struggling with before joining the gym.
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