Why Strength Training is a Must for Everyone?

Why Strength Training is a Must for Everyone? 1

You consider yourself too old to join any strength training program? Well, what do you think a strength training program is about? Strength training is simply a program to make good the loss your body suffers because of loss of bone mass, strength and muscles as the person progresses in age. A regular strength training is recommended for all, no matter how old or how young one might be. This can be done at a gym or even at home, as per your own convenience by using certain equipment’s. You are still not convinced? We give you the major reasons which will compel you to go for strength training?

  • Improves the ability to perform the daily activities

There are a number of activities in daily life which we need to perform right from the moment we wake up from the bed to the time we get back to the bed. All such activities require us to make use of our muscles. So stronger muscles are what we all require in order to complete our daily chores. Strength training aids in providing you back the strength in your muscles.

  • To get a better body composition

We all aspire to get a fitter and better body composition. Some want to get big, some want to cut while some want to get toned. The best way to do this is to pair the right diet with right strength training. By lifting certain weights and taking a clean diet, one can easily achieve a fitter body composition.

  • Reduces the risk of osteoporosis

As the age increases, the risk of weakening of bones increases rapidly. The strength training puts stress on the bones and thus aids in enhancing the density of the bones; thus the risk of osteoporosis is reduced to a great extent. The natural loss of the bones that takes place because of aging gets compensated with strength training.

  • Helps in weight management

When a person consumes more calories than he/she is able to burn, the weight is gained; but when the intake of calories is less than the calories which are burnt, there is a reduction in the weight. The strength training helps in maintaining this balance by keeping the level of calories burnt at an optimal role perfectly in sync with the calories consumed. This way, the weight is managed perfectly, there is neither an increase in weight, nor reduction in weight.

  • Helps in improving balance

A lot of people face the problem of imbalance in the old age because of the less resilient muscles. With strength training, the muscles become stronger and sturdier; thus eliminating the risk of falls and accidents because of imbalance while doing the daily life activities. Thus, you can stay independent during old age. Hence, the strength training can enhance the quality of life of the trainers.

  • Helps in eliminating certain chronic conditions

As one ages, there are a number of chronic diseases which takes place. These chronic conditions include, back pain, heart ailments, arthritis, diabetes, obesity and depression. The signs as well as symptoms of these chronic conditions can be reduced to a large extend by undertaking strength training programs.

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