Why you are getting under eye circle?

Why you are getting under eye circle? 1

Generally whenever we see someone with under eye circles, the first and immediate conclusion we derive is “The person might be having many sleepless nights and must be really tired”.  Yes not taking enough sleep can be one of the reasons but there are many other reasons apart from that.

Sometimes it is inherited. Studies also say that people of Asian and African countries tend to have more under eye circle then other parts of the world because the skin around there their eyes is thinner and due to this blood vessels are more and easily visible. Apart from that, a monotonous life style is highly responsible. Today’s competitive world and rat race have forced the younger generation to go for that extra mile, meeting the targets. This has resulted in bad lifestyle habits like drinking coffee, excessive smoking and alcohol consumption and coffee culprits for relieving stress majority of the time. Many people in India, for example one of my cousin’s has a habit of adding extra salt in her food even if there is sufficient salt. Excessive salt in the diet can also lead to dark circles in the long run.

Old age is one of the factors where a person loses some amount of fat and collagen that surrounds the eye. However young people with outdoor jobs like salesmen and building construction workers who work under high temperatures going in excess of 40 degrees have more chances because they come in direct contact of excessive sun rays which results in high production of melanin. Melanin is responsible for tanning of skin when it comes in contact with sun light

With the help of applying some simple techniques, one can remove dark circles under their eyes. Try to take less stress, have a proper diet and at the proper time. Make sure to get enough sleep and drink alcohol moderately. While going to work, especially people engaged in outdoor activity wear a good pair of sun glasses, cap & apply suntan lotion. Try to avoid the summer rays especially in the afternoon. Ladies can hide their dark marks with the help of proper make up but remember to cleanse it off before going to bed. Some of the cheapest and natural methods  to remove circles are  to apply chilled cucumber slices on your eyes, use of rose water, raw potato, drinking tomato or lemon juice.

If none of these works then laser surgery is the cosmetic option. However this surgery is expensive, painful and takes a long time to get the desired result. In some cases injections are used but the results can be seen after 6 Months. These injections sometimes cause swelling and the chances are more on the negative side.

In a nutshell life is short, so live to the fullest. Don’t cry, avoid stress as far as possible, and have a healthy diet, because this will not only make your mind and body healthy but will also reduce chances of dark circles under your eyes.

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