We Tell You Why You Are Not Getting Rid Of The Belly Fat!

We Tell You Why You Are Not Getting Rid Of The Belly Fat! 1

Getting rid of the belly fat is essential not only for the sake of vanity, but the excess abdominal fat- especially the visceral fat which surrounds your organs and puffs your tummy into the beer gut- – can be a sign of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and insulin resistance. In case working out and dieting have not done much for reducing your pooch, then your age, your hormones and other genetic factors are probably the reasons why.

Even though dietary changes and a healthy lifestyle may help you, but losing the belly fat sometimes really feels like an impossible and a daunting task. There are apparently a number of reasons for the same. Given below are some reasons:

  1. The age factor- when you grow older, the way that your body loses and gains weight also changes. With increasing age, the metabolic rate of the body declines and this implies that our body requires lesser calories now.
  2. Lack of sleep – not getting adequate sleep can hinder your digestion and hence, avoiding you from losing that unwanted weight. That is why is very important to get enough good night’s sleep if you want to reduce your big belly tire. Sleep experts and doctors usually suggest a daily dose of about 7-9 hours’ sleep.
  3. The shape of the body – if your body tends to gain fat mostly around the middle than on the hips and the thighs, it means you are apple- shaped. People with apple shaped body generally find it more difficult to lose belly fat than those of their counterparts with other body- types.
  4. Wrong type of food- consuming a lot of processed food like white bread and chips or lot of refined sugar as in packaged foods or soft drinks can become a hurdle in your campaign for losing belly fat. Hence, you should stay away from these food items if you wish to get rid of the stubborn belly fat. Rather, go for more natural and healthier foods like veggies and fruits.
  5. Stress- yes, life can get quite stressful at times. However, when it comes to losing the belly fat, you cannot afford to get stressed. This happens dues to cortisol, the stress hormone. It can raise the amount of fat that your body stores in and fattens your fat cells. Also, it can also happen due to your psychological tendency of going for calorie- rich and high- fat foods when you’re stressed out.

Motivation- the pre-essentials to losing the stubborn belly fat

Are you really committed to the work required for losing the belly fat? Bringing down the belly fat takes a mixed approach of low- calorie diet which is high in fiber and low in the sugar and carbohydrates along with weight and cardio- vascular training. In case you are really ready to do the work, you can move past the genetics and lose it.

Thousands and thousands of people are struggling to lose the belly fat and restoring to all types of weird supplements, diets and flat belly tricks. It does not have to be like this. For anyone- ever! You can make a HIIT program – high intensity interval training programs with any kind of exercise, including the cardio workouts like swimming, running, rowing or cycling and also the fully – body strength workouts. You should get motivated today itself so that you can continue your program for weight loss in the right way. Losing the belly fat is possible only if you focus on staying healthy and motivated. So, stop neglecting your emotions and get to it! Keep in mind that having that extra fat around your belly is very dangerous even to your health. It is a huge risk factor for heart attack.


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