Wish to become emotionally stable in your relationship? -Take these steps!

Wish to become emotionally stable in your relationship? -Take these steps! 1

Many of us face the problem of being emotionally weak when it comes to our relationships. Although, this is not silly or even a desperate thing. It’s just that we start requiring someone’s validation for our happiness. When the validation doesn’t come in our favour, all we get is sadness. Being an emotionally weak person doesn’t mean that you are a broken soul. Such issues can never portray that you are weak or make you feel inferior in front of others; it simply highlights the fact that you are HUMAN. Emotional stability is a factor which can add value to your relationship and makes it a long term commitment instead of just a simple fling.

  • Listen now, judge later

We humans possess a habit of jumping to conclusions without even hearing what the person has to say. This habit of judging so early creates emotional troubles between the partners. Thus, in your relationship, make sure you fully hear your partner’s side before starting any argument with him/her or forming any judgement. Often, what we see is different from what we hear and what we understand. Keep your trust intact and give them a chance to tell what they have in their mind.

  • Communicate

The biggest trouble which the relationships face is in the form of lack of communication. The partners do not feel like communicating with each other which leads to cropping up of misunderstanding and anger. The most effective way to make your relationship emotionally stable is to communicate with your partner. Instead of assuming anything or expecting your partner to understand certain things, keep it easy and directly tell them. This is no movie where suspense seems to be a must, just go and say what you have in the heart. This will make your life and your partner’s life much simpler.

  • Learn from criticism

Always remember that no one is perfect. Each of us is born with certain bad qualities. Such qualities and habits will indeed bring to you a criticism from your partner. So, instead of turning angry on hearing this criticizing words, make sure to work towards finding a solution to outwit such habits. Such type of open hearted talk will bring a natural kind of stability between you and your partner.

  • Tit for Tat

Have you heard about this term Tit for Tat? Yes, the rule is applicable for relationships as well. The relationships are nothing but a bond meant for giving as well as receiving. If you wish someone to treat you right, you ought to treat them right in the first place. What you make them feel is exactly what they will make you feel. Thus, it is important to behave in a soothing fashion.

  • Compromises

Compromises are not bad; they are the essence of any relationship. The compromises are always done in the light of positivity and thus helps in maintaining the factor of emotions in the relationships. The compromises are done with the intention of giving more value and significance to the relationship and partner instead of one’s own preset thinking and behavioral patterns. When you compromise for your partner’s happiness, these compromises are considered a real good thing.

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