What Women Must Know About The Side Effects of Birth Control Pills?

What Women Must Know About The Side Effects of Birth Control Pills? 1

As per the researchers, nearly 150 million women present all over the world consume the birth control pills. The birth control pills are considered as an effective way to prevent pregnancy and enjoy a happy sex life with the partner. The pills are considered safe, but like every drug, the birth control pill is also a drug and brings with certain risks and health hazards. But are we really aware of the health hazards which these pills are bringing to the health of the women? If not, read this share to understand the other side of the coin, so that you think at least before popping your favourite contraceptive pill:

  1. Inter-Menstrual Spotting

It has been observed that more than 50% of the women face inter-menstrual bleeding between the expected dates of periods at least for the first three months of starting their journey with the pill. However, this vaginal bleeding stops in most of the cases after a span of 3 months. The reason for this inter-menstrual bleeding is that the uterus takes the time to adjust to the different hormonal changes which occur due to pill.


  1. Yeast Infections and Overgrowth

The birth control pills increase the oestrogen levels and also lead to an increased level of vaginal glycogen in the body, thus increasing the risk of a yeast infection. The link between the yeast overgrowth and the birth control pill is usually established when the women stop taking the pills. This is because the pills usually destroy the useful bacterias in the intestines and make the body susceptible to infections and reduced immunity due to yeast overgrowth.

  1. Nausea

The first pill brings nausea for most of the women; however, the symptom of nausea subsides after a span of a few days or months. To lower the chances of getting nausea, make sure to take the pill either with food or just before sleeping at night. In case, the level of nausea increases or remains persistent, the individual must seek medical advice.

  1. Risk of Breast Cancer

The risk of getting the Breast cancer increases marginally with the regular use of the birth control pills. This is because the pills interact in the body with other factors that cumulatively leads to breast cancer.

  1. No Protection Against STD

The birth control pills provide no protection against the sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If we analyse, the birth control pills in terms of contraceptives, then condoms get more score as it acts as a protective cover against the sexually transmitted diseases and also helps in preventing pregnancy.

  1. Breast Tenderness

The birth control pills lead to breast tenderness and breast enlargement. It is observed that the tenderness shed away after a few weeks from the time the pill was started. However, if the pain in the breast continues or grow to become severe, a medical guidance is advised. To reduce the tenderness in the breast, the intake of salt and caffeine should be decreased.

  1. Weight Gain

One of the adverse effects of the birth control pills is the sudden gain in the weight. It has been observed that the women experience a gain in weight once they start with the birth control pills. This is because the pills interfere with the level of oestrogens.

  1. Failure Rate

Nothing gives you a 100% protection from pregnancy. However, the pill has a less than 1% failure rate i.e. less than a woman gets pregnant out of 100 when on pills. However, for the women who miss their pills, the rate of failure increases by almost 5%. Thus, their chances of getting unintentionally pregnant are more.

Everybody is different and its way of reacting to the birth control pills is different. Thus, make sure to think twice and thrice before initiating the birth control pills cycle.

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