Wondering if your marriage will be a success? Here are the signs

Wondering if your marriage will be a success? Here are the signs 1

 Relationships, love and marriage are some of the points we always make sure to check and recheck about. Although, we don’t advocate the habit of comparing your marriage with that of others; but we must look out for signs which show that the marriage is an unbreakable bond. Each and every relationship is different, so is the marriage. It is indeed difficult to predict whether your marriage will sail through the rough storm or capsize in the middle. We here give you some of the sure shot signs for a long lasting marriage:

  • You never behave like strangers in front of your set of friends

The foremost indicator is the manner in which one behaves when he/she is surrounded by the group of friends and spouse. The good couple behaves in a relaxed manner when both the friends and spouse is around. Ideally, there should be no change in the behavior. The topics of conversation may bifurcate a little, but the basic traits of personality and manner of interaction should not be a strange thing for both the friends and spouse. If you don’t feel tensed up when occupied by both spouse and friends, it is a good sign.

  • They are the first ones you text when something significant happens

If you feel that your spouse is the one with whom you can share everything from the concrete, serious issues to the funny dose of gossips, definitely you will be in the marriage till your last breathe. The spouse is the first person who comes to your mind, when something happens clearly show the close and well knit relationship you share with your partner.

  • You can talk about anything under the sun with him/her

Communication is the key! If you feel you and your partner are free enough to discuss everything with each other, it is a definite sign for a successful marriage. Discussing here comprises of more than just discussing the day things, kids related things and household things. There must be a meaningful exchange of feelings, thoughts, aspirations and hopes. All such things bring a certain kind of positivity in the marriage alliance.

  • Sharing the responsibilities together

Marriage does bring with it a chunk of responsibilities. Each spouse is required to share the responsibilities instead of putting them on the shoulders of one. There should be a division of responsibilities, but each should help the other in perfectly disbursing the responsibilities and tasks. Even if one of you is unable to perform the duties and task, ask him/her politely instead of just lashing out.

  • You infuriate each other the most

Your spouse is the person who infuriates you the most; but still you are with him/her. Healthy couples make sure to enrage on each other, rather than keeping everything to the heart and suffocating themselves and their relationship. Even the relationship experts say that the couples who fight with each other, have a stronger relationship, than those couples who never fought with each other in years of their marriage. Anger is never bad; but one should know how to calm down and apologize.

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